Wednesday, 22 June 2011



The door was never opened
slammed shut in every place
he wanted to work so much
to spare him from disgrace.

All his friends were working
so why was he not the same?
ok, they had qualifications
but he was not to blame.

He could not learn at school
was diagnosed at an early age
back then this was not recognized
it was put down as a symptom of "rage"

Poor teaching and ignorance
was to blame for all his plight
people were just uninterested
so pupils would not fight.

Dyslexia was a scourge for him
he could not understand it that well
too scared to tell his parents
they would make his life living "hell"

So now he will suffer through ignorance
his life would be wasted away
no one understands him
nothing they can say.

In this age of recognition
kids can get help at the start
so do not suffer in silence
assistance is a kind of art.

Employers need to be understanding
as people may be slower than others
with training and support
they will work as hard as their "brothers"

Discrimination is against the Law
but sadly there are no powers
Employers can do as they please
sat in their ivory Towers.

Sadly these days many adults suffer from some form of learning disability, for example in this poem Dyslexia, we see daily the amount of employers who refuse to "take on" people with learning difficulties as they view this as the inability to do a job as well as a competent person. They say employers have to be non discriminable but all too much these days we know some are not...

Do you agree that people with learning disabilities should get a chance? 

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