Friday, 24 June 2011



Was shameful in the nineteenth Century
for a women to bear a child
no matter the circumstances
even if she was wild.

Approaching the huge black gates
the rain battering her face
she needed to rest urgently
dying to get some space.

An old man in tattered clothes
handling a wild candle
saw the woman in distress
too much for him to handle.

She was handed over to a female
smoking a clay pipe
used to people turning up
un deterred by the hype.

The girl was shivering with cold
fevered through her skin
the fire was welcoming
her conciousness thin.

He was born into a World
of poverty ,misery and no hope
a World which offered nothing
many could not cope.

He knew nothing but despair
as a child he worked very hard
his betters always uninterested
being treated as retard.

Always hungry always cold
was it worth trying to live
asking for handouts ,no one caring
even the rich would never give.

Eventually sold as a slave
his life mapped out for toil
pointless being angry
blood simmering off the boil.

Then one day he decided
to try for a better life
running away from his station
cutting the ropes with a knife.

The City was amazing
everyone working as one
he saw so many people
even saw the sun.

He met an older boy
with gentleman's tattered clothes
he looked at him in awe
hoping he would soon own, those.

The older boy greeted him
as if he had known him for years
suddenly the boy saw light
fighting off the tears.

Taken to an older gentleman
with a fork in his hand
were was this forsaken place?
was it another land?

The older man had many boys
living in his domain
some smoked, others drank
some came in from the rain.

Life seemed better than before
at least he felt he was at home
no need to run away from here
to struggle and to roam.

But soon his keep was to be paid for
in some unscrupulous way
stealing from people in the streets
by night but mostly by day.

Eventually it came to a head
the boy was caught red handed
now he was a criminal
a vagabond ,branded.

His Mothers Uncle recognized him
tried to take him away
but the power of the underworld
magnetised him to stay.

From a lowly ,awful life
he was finally rescued in time
admonished for his wrong doing
cleansed from all crime.

From a humble poorly life
he lived a better life
his loving great uncle
had taken him from strife..

Hello friends, a fairly easy one, lol, one of my all time favs, go on give it a go, I will be surprised if you do not get this movie...

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