Friday, 10 June 2011



When the weather is crap
you have a good moan
sometimes all you do is
grump and groan.

Sometimes you awake
your not quite yourself
you may not have slept well
impeding your health.

As the day goes on
you hope it will fade
you will become cheery
join the parade.

But right at the moment
your worse for the wear
scowling at anyone
they must beware.

Things get your goat
it can be anything
nothing motivates you
no sunshine to bring.

But later on
you see some light
your passive
don't want to fight.

Its called Human feeling
it can make you smile
when you think back earlier
its all worthwhile.

To be motivated
it takes much power
to come back to the sunshine
get out of the shower.

So when your down
count to ten
put a hold on your emotions
think back to when.

Days of happiness
were always the case
fight the blues
and crumple your face.

Smile and grit
your teeth and grin
have a good moan
or have a Gin!!

Sometimes we have off days, days we cannot get motivated, days we just want to be on our own, no human contact or anything that will start us off or make it worse. We all hope it will brighten up as the day goes on, but if not, reflect and live for the next day..

Do you have off days? if so what do you do to pick yourself up?

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