Thursday, 9 June 2011


Box shaped towers
covered in satellite dishes
no greenery in sight
no promise or wishes.

Kids without parents
scruffy and forlorn
clothes all tatty
ripped and torn.

Unemployment rife
nothing to do
crime at its height
houses to "screw"

No hope or care
living a hellish life
no one is married
men without a wife.

Shoplifting a trade
experience high
security guarded shops
but still they try.

Schools barren
no one wants to learn
get out of this rut
some often yearn.

Alcohol and drugs
are the only way
escape from a life
full of foray.

No parks for the kids
all tattered and worn
mangled rides
cut down in the morn.

Who cares about us?
clearly not you
you sit in your home
your not on the "Bru"

They say there's no classes
clearly not true
you drive your rolls
only caring for you.

Your own little nest
barbed wired to the hilt
you don't want to know
in your mansion you built.

The rich get richer
while the poor deteriorate
think on about that
locked behind your big gate.

When the kids leave school
what have they got?
more misery and poverty
and always forgot.

Behind the walls
of the concrete tower
everyone forgot
like a lonely flower.

Will it ever change?
probably not
they are part of humanity
a people forgot.

So when you sit
in your ivory tower
looking down on the poor
like a rainy shower.

Remember they are human
just got the rougher deal
subjected to poverty
a life of no appeal.

The say the classes are non existent? bull, they are very much still alive and rife in this Country poor people will always be poor, stuck in a dead end, while the rich will enjoy the benefits.They say we are what we make of our lives, and in some respect I agree, however if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth you have never tasted how the other half live, and be honest do you really care?

Does class live in your life?

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