Thursday, 16 June 2011


Nowhere else to go
except inside an old house
large gaps allow in the rain
so quiet you can hear a mouse.

Wind batters the structure
whistling as it hits
nothing survived the aftermath
all broken and in bits.

As long as I have you here
nothing else seems to matter
even inside the cold damp surroundings
with clothes torn and in tatters.

Poverty struck as we were young
money did not grow on trees
our parents had lied about that
as well as the birds and bees!

Two youngsters going nowhere
nothing to look forward to
just a life of utter misery
ahead for me and you.

Tried to get a job, nothing out there
millions all trying as well
jobs are rare, especially for me
as my past I have to tell.

You do silly things, when you are young
so no one gives you a chance
applications sent in, hundreds or so
your led a merry dance.

So you turn to a life of crime
in order to make ends meet
what's the point of being honest
you need to get on your feet.

You are in the rat race
nothing seems to be right
like so many other people
who never see the light.

Going steady, life is crap
but you have what you have and that's it
and however you get through life
your teeth you have to grit.

Young couples these days struggle to make ends meet, the guy, if he has a past, finds it near impossible to get a decent job, get on the property ladder, so they become impoverished, they get by, but sometimes never seem to get out the crap, so they often wonder if life is worth living.

Did you struggle financially when you first got married?

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