Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Sweltering , stifling heat
no air to be found
the heat on the pavement
fire on the ground.

Your body is combustive
ready to explode
hot ,sweaty,sticky
can possibly implode.

The air conditioning faulty
windows nailed shut
like being imprisoned in a box
or a wooden hut.

Where can you get air
when it just isnt around
make it, create it, long for it
but still it can.t be found.

Like a Planet in deep space
were there isn't any air
your body craves for life
intoxicated, going spare.

When you open all your windows
creatures crave the light
with newspaper in hand
you fight with them all night.

Soon the temperature changes
all is well once more
no need for open windows
or a wide open door.

Imagine we had no air!
how stifling it would be
our body needs it to function
as our eyes need sight to see.

The last couple of days here in the UK its been stifling, the weather has been hot, high temperatures, nice during the day but at night when your trying to sleep is impossible, I do not think I could stand hot countries were the heat is an everyday thing....

Do you cope well with the heat of summer?

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Friday, 24 June 2011



Was shameful in the nineteenth Century
for a women to bear a child
no matter the circumstances
even if she was wild.

Approaching the huge black gates
the rain battering her face
she needed to rest urgently
dying to get some space.

An old man in tattered clothes
handling a wild candle
saw the woman in distress
too much for him to handle.

She was handed over to a female
smoking a clay pipe
used to people turning up
un deterred by the hype.

The girl was shivering with cold
fevered through her skin
the fire was welcoming
her conciousness thin.

He was born into a World
of poverty ,misery and no hope
a World which offered nothing
many could not cope.

He knew nothing but despair
as a child he worked very hard
his betters always uninterested
being treated as retard.

Always hungry always cold
was it worth trying to live
asking for handouts ,no one caring
even the rich would never give.

Eventually sold as a slave
his life mapped out for toil
pointless being angry
blood simmering off the boil.

Then one day he decided
to try for a better life
running away from his station
cutting the ropes with a knife.

The City was amazing
everyone working as one
he saw so many people
even saw the sun.

He met an older boy
with gentleman's tattered clothes
he looked at him in awe
hoping he would soon own, those.

The older boy greeted him
as if he had known him for years
suddenly the boy saw light
fighting off the tears.

Taken to an older gentleman
with a fork in his hand
were was this forsaken place?
was it another land?

The older man had many boys
living in his domain
some smoked, others drank
some came in from the rain.

Life seemed better than before
at least he felt he was at home
no need to run away from here
to struggle and to roam.

But soon his keep was to be paid for
in some unscrupulous way
stealing from people in the streets
by night but mostly by day.

Eventually it came to a head
the boy was caught red handed
now he was a criminal
a vagabond ,branded.

His Mothers Uncle recognized him
tried to take him away
but the power of the underworld
magnetised him to stay.

From a lowly ,awful life
he was finally rescued in time
admonished for his wrong doing
cleansed from all crime.

From a humble poorly life
he lived a better life
his loving great uncle
had taken him from strife..

Hello friends, a fairly easy one, lol, one of my all time favs, go on give it a go, I will be surprised if you do not get this movie...

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011



The door was never opened
slammed shut in every place
he wanted to work so much
to spare him from disgrace.

All his friends were working
so why was he not the same?
ok, they had qualifications
but he was not to blame.

He could not learn at school
was diagnosed at an early age
back then this was not recognized
it was put down as a symptom of "rage"

Poor teaching and ignorance
was to blame for all his plight
people were just uninterested
so pupils would not fight.

Dyslexia was a scourge for him
he could not understand it that well
too scared to tell his parents
they would make his life living "hell"

So now he will suffer through ignorance
his life would be wasted away
no one understands him
nothing they can say.

In this age of recognition
kids can get help at the start
so do not suffer in silence
assistance is a kind of art.

Employers need to be understanding
as people may be slower than others
with training and support
they will work as hard as their "brothers"

Discrimination is against the Law
but sadly there are no powers
Employers can do as they please
sat in their ivory Towers.

Sadly these days many adults suffer from some form of learning disability, for example in this poem Dyslexia, we see daily the amount of employers who refuse to "take on" people with learning difficulties as they view this as the inability to do a job as well as a competent person. They say employers have to be non discriminable but all too much these days we know some are not...

Do you agree that people with learning disabilities should get a chance? 

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Monday, 20 June 2011



What did we do before technology?
things were simple yesterday
children played outside
and had fun in their own way.
Adults would communicate
at the dinner table every night
televisions a pipe dream
kids would play fight.
People would play cards
smoke filled the air
no sight of a PC
corners looking bare.
The days of writing letters
has vanished without a trace
people were very creative
and spoke face to face.
Now we have email
or sending someone a text
no more writing paper
old fashioned in context.
Kids glued to game stations
no creativity in this age
brains fried , becoming a recluse
Constantly in a rage.
Knee bearing laptops
nothing else exists
imprisoned by technology
typing with clenched fists.
No conversation no"how as your day"
all caught in an unreal dimension
electricity meters running at pace
beyond anyone's apprehension.
What happened to the days when Families
played board games or got some fresh air?
fast foods and the internet
caused this fashionable nightmare.
Technology has killed the old fashioned ways
nothing left except micro chips
tapping away on the pc or phone
without even moving your lips.

Technology is a great thing these days, its amazing just what it can do, but, do you think it has killed some  social skills we used to have? like family time, communication to each other, getting out?
before computers took over our lives, people made their own entertainment, and I remember some of the things we did as kids, which involved getting out...

Do you think technology has killed  some of our social skills?

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Thursday, 16 June 2011


Nowhere else to go
except inside an old house
large gaps allow in the rain
so quiet you can hear a mouse.

Wind batters the structure
whistling as it hits
nothing survived the aftermath
all broken and in bits.

As long as I have you here
nothing else seems to matter
even inside the cold damp surroundings
with clothes torn and in tatters.

Poverty struck as we were young
money did not grow on trees
our parents had lied about that
as well as the birds and bees!

Two youngsters going nowhere
nothing to look forward to
just a life of utter misery
ahead for me and you.

Tried to get a job, nothing out there
millions all trying as well
jobs are rare, especially for me
as my past I have to tell.

You do silly things, when you are young
so no one gives you a chance
applications sent in, hundreds or so
your led a merry dance.

So you turn to a life of crime
in order to make ends meet
what's the point of being honest
you need to get on your feet.

You are in the rat race
nothing seems to be right
like so many other people
who never see the light.

Going steady, life is crap
but you have what you have and that's it
and however you get through life
your teeth you have to grit.

Young couples these days struggle to make ends meet, the guy, if he has a past, finds it near impossible to get a decent job, get on the property ladder, so they become impoverished, they get by, but sometimes never seem to get out the crap, so they often wonder if life is worth living.

Did you struggle financially when you first got married?

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Friday, 10 June 2011



When the weather is crap
you have a good moan
sometimes all you do is
grump and groan.

Sometimes you awake
your not quite yourself
you may not have slept well
impeding your health.

As the day goes on
you hope it will fade
you will become cheery
join the parade.

But right at the moment
your worse for the wear
scowling at anyone
they must beware.

Things get your goat
it can be anything
nothing motivates you
no sunshine to bring.

But later on
you see some light
your passive
don't want to fight.

Its called Human feeling
it can make you smile
when you think back earlier
its all worthwhile.

To be motivated
it takes much power
to come back to the sunshine
get out of the shower.

So when your down
count to ten
put a hold on your emotions
think back to when.

Days of happiness
were always the case
fight the blues
and crumple your face.

Smile and grit
your teeth and grin
have a good moan
or have a Gin!!

Sometimes we have off days, days we cannot get motivated, days we just want to be on our own, no human contact or anything that will start us off or make it worse. We all hope it will brighten up as the day goes on, but if not, reflect and live for the next day..

Do you have off days? if so what do you do to pick yourself up?

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Thursday, 9 June 2011


Box shaped towers
covered in satellite dishes
no greenery in sight
no promise or wishes.

Kids without parents
scruffy and forlorn
clothes all tatty
ripped and torn.

Unemployment rife
nothing to do
crime at its height
houses to "screw"

No hope or care
living a hellish life
no one is married
men without a wife.

Shoplifting a trade
experience high
security guarded shops
but still they try.

Schools barren
no one wants to learn
get out of this rut
some often yearn.

Alcohol and drugs
are the only way
escape from a life
full of foray.

No parks for the kids
all tattered and worn
mangled rides
cut down in the morn.

Who cares about us?
clearly not you
you sit in your home
your not on the "Bru"

They say there's no classes
clearly not true
you drive your rolls
only caring for you.

Your own little nest
barbed wired to the hilt
you don't want to know
in your mansion you built.

The rich get richer
while the poor deteriorate
think on about that
locked behind your big gate.

When the kids leave school
what have they got?
more misery and poverty
and always forgot.

Behind the walls
of the concrete tower
everyone forgot
like a lonely flower.

Will it ever change?
probably not
they are part of humanity
a people forgot.

So when you sit
in your ivory tower
looking down on the poor
like a rainy shower.

Remember they are human
just got the rougher deal
subjected to poverty
a life of no appeal.

The say the classes are non existent? bull, they are very much still alive and rife in this Country poor people will always be poor, stuck in a dead end, while the rich will enjoy the benefits.They say we are what we make of our lives, and in some respect I agree, however if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth you have never tasted how the other half live, and be honest do you really care?

Does class live in your life?

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Sunday, 5 June 2011



Growing old can take its toll
your body slows right down
you can't do things you used to do
frustrated you just frown.
You remember when you were a lad
things you did were brave
swinging from the highest tree
six inches from your grave.
Back then you could run,fast
play ball forever and a day
sleep would come when it had to
your hair was natural not gray.
They say the new fifty is forty
in this new millenium
but sometimes it doesn't work that way
your not at your premium.
Your bones creak, your neck gets sore
bending down is sometimes a task
you try your best to live younger
while reaching for your mask!
To be healthy you need to be careful
you may deal yourself a blow
like cutting the old nails
on your unreachable big toe.
When you shower and glance at your figure
its not as it used to be
the muscles are getting flimsy
and you struggle to properly see.
Some people grow old gracefully
just accept it as it comes
growing old isnt neccasarily a draw back
or receeding mouth gums.
But when it comes to memory
things you can recall are quite clear
the good things that happened in your life
you will always hold so dear..

It happens, or will happen to us all, growing old gracefully, man it does take its toll, guys tend to try do the things they did in their prime, like play football, try to outdo younger blokes, but alas it does not always work, so we just have to accept that getting old is a good thing, and a luxury as so many young people pass away early in life and never experience the same things you have.

Do you feel your age??

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