Thursday, 19 May 2011



He hides behind the brushes
watching his latest prey
who knows why he does it
no one will say.
A mind so torn with infatuation
scared he will be caught
remaining in his camouflage
choking on his snot.
For weeks he has been watching?
his stalking out of control
insecurities blind him
dodging a Police patrol
Innocent distractions
fixated by his actions
will he ever let her know?
he fears for her reaction.
Eventually she notices
him glancing from the trees
who is he why is he here?
she starts to feel the sleaze.
In the morning she opens the window blinds
to face a brand new day
when she closes them again at night
he will not go away.
In his mind this is innocent
as he confronts her wanting to speak
I wonder if she will think bad of me
will she think im a freak!
But alas the fear grows fiercer
he cannot find a way
instead he looms in the shadows at night
and continues in the day.
The stalking over takes him
he cannot live his life
hw ants this girl so badly
Will she be my wife?
His stalking days are numbered
as the Police close in on his trail
and once more is arrested
and held without any bail.

This is fiction, regarding stalking, more and more these days you read in the papers about people being stalked, this is the perspective from the stalker, trying to talk himself into the fact that what he is doing is right.We all know this is wrong but he is convinced he is doing no harm.

Have you or do you know someone who has been stalked?

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