Monday, 16 May 2011


Sittin with my Iphone
havin a ball
the things it can do
is not bad at all!

Text some buddies
listen to a band
tweet on twitter
technology is grand

Watch a video
download an ap
some are useful
others are crap.

Its all you need
this little machine
you feel like royalty
a King or Queen.

Shop online
go on facebook
suit yourself
take a look.

Chat with friends
till the battery dies
a tiny magic box
full of surprise.

Love your iphone
as it adores you
it will last forever
through and through.

A little fun, recently purchased an iphone, and so far, and trust me I have tried many, this is the best phone, out there for me, in my humble opinion.
Apple are the leading techno gurus, and have made many great things, this wee phone is up there with the very best.

What do you do with your Mobile, or cell?

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