Monday, 30 May 2011


Two people meet
and fall in love
combined as one
like a hand in a glove.

But both are married
and steal some time
being in love isnt illegal
nor is it a crime.

Where did they meet?
it was destiny ,fate
it just happened
was never too late.

Her husband never knew
that she was playing away
things were pretty normal
day by day.

They stole time
to be together
even through storms
and raging weather.

They wanted to leave
but knew they could not
so they plotted a murder
soon reality was forgot.

A Contract killer
was hired for the deed
scared witless
they wanted to succeed.

But tragedy struck
as he killed the wrong person
set fire to their house
to cast some aspersion.

This did not stop the couple
as they tried in vain
to get rid of their partners
plotted in the rain.

Murder followed murder
as the plot thickened
love was to blame
each person strickened.

In the end
there was nothing left
but empty shadows
feelings bereft.

Here we are folks guess the movie time, this is not an easy one, and as the poem reads could probably cover a multitude of movies, as pretty much all of them are about affairs hehe, if you get this one I will bow to your superior knowledge, but have a go, its always worth a try..

What is your fav affair movie?

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