Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Responsible for many deaths
terrorism was his game
an evil man of his time
lived to kill for fame.

Wanted by many Countries
he tried to live out low
but his army was still growing
ready to kill their foe.

But why did he become unnoticed?
when everyone knew were he was
Governments lied as usual
so called in with the "cause"

It took a crack Navy seal
to bring on his demise
the elements in their favour
the ultimate surprise.

Shot dead in an instant
with thousands of lives flashing by
the pain he caused people
was gone in the blink of an eye.

Everything comes to those who wait
Justice wins in the end
and so should it continue
until everyone they apprehend.

To all you Government people
who know who the terrorists are
be ashamed you know the truth
on your conscience may it scar.

As the World sees the end of a Murderer
be wary, for who can be next
what goes around comes around
in the right context.

At last, caught and given a piece of his own medicine, Bin Laden is no more, I salute all the brave American soldiers who courageously went in and took the murderer out, and quite rightly gave him some of his own medicine by shooting him.
Whilst the Pakistani people are raging about how the Americans just "went in" thats tough, because they knew he was there all the time, you should be ashamed of yourselves, this man was the key to thousands of deaths of innocent people, and he got his just desserts.

What are your views?

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