Monday, 4 April 2011



I come to your blog
to read your creation
it takes me to places
beyond my station.

The talent before us
is for all to see
a page of your thoughts
your mind set free.

Some write stories
or post a print
it may be evident
or pass a hint.

Whatever you do
its your escape
like you changed into a super-being
with a bright red cape.

The World you set
is for you to control
it may be reality
or an encircled black hole.

We all have imagination
its what makes the World go round
from the strongest word
to the loudest sound.

Your blog is your work
its what you love best
so you share it with us
and it stands the test.

Years of loving work
nurtured by your hand
for your own satisfaction
you make it grand.

If you get a few comments
that encourages you more
some may read and leave
then go out the door.

But you love what you do
and that won't change
your skills as a writer
your scope ,your range.

Carry on what you do
you are making us smile
in the end its an escapism
its all worthwhile.

I have hundreds of blogs on my list, sadly, I cannot get around daily, but I make time at least once a week to read most of them, they fascinate me, whether they be poetry, stories, or even graphics, the uniqueness of the blogs I visit are astounding, so this poem is for ALL you bloggers out there, who tirelessly bring us posts of excellent quality, so give yourself a pat on the back, you are awsome :)

What do you get out of reading blogs?

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