Thursday, 7 April 2011


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She was a mum to three young kids
no support, just on her own
her days and hours were busy
no time to grunt and groan.

She was only a young girl
when she had her first born child
a quietly spoken kid
not known for being wild.

Innocence lost at thirteen
not contented with just a kiss
never knowing her life would be over
something she would miss.

Her mum was always at hand
either in person or on the phone
but each time she had contacted her
her mum would always moan.

Deserted by the Fathers
as soon as they found out
they were off like a steam train
so she had to do without.

Jessica loved her kids
and tried her level best
to give them a happy life
which they would often test.

No partner in her life
she struggled every day
she admitted it was her own doing
something she would say.

She reflected on her life
in a moment she had to herself
deciding she would never change
for any other life, or wealth.

In this day and age, so many young girls are having kids, we hope that Education will prevent unwanted pregnancy, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, however it doesn't make them a bad person, they realize that if they had listened to their parents etc, they might have went down another path.
Single Mothers can raise their kids to the standards they choose and often try their very best to ensure their kids grow up happy and respectful.

Do you know any single mom's, who bring up their children alone?

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