Tuesday, 5 April 2011


He could not help himself
every word was a tissue of lies
his peers never believed him
looking at him with surprise.

He would mention odd things
even believing his own tall tales
what made him say these things?
magnitudes in scales.

Things he would say was harmful
even though no one listened to him
for example he would say he was fit
daily visiting a gym.

His World was often exciting
winning the lottery four times
jetting off whenever he felt fit
off to sunnier climes.

In the cafe he would pick on strangers
who would often pay him heed
but soon grew tiresome and bored
of his amorous and greed.

Members of his family had died
but only in his World
no one tried to help him
as his tissue of lies unfurled.

It may have been he was lonely?
seeking attention from others
he claimed he had several Fathers
and God knows how many Mothers!

In the end he was alone
as people would pass him by
caught up in his own imagination
unable to stop himself lie!

We have all known people like the above in our lives at some point, we often wonder why they are like the way they are, living life through their own World.
For some it could be an illness, they simply cannot be cured from it, to others it may be they had a crap life, and decided to make it better by telling untruths, whatever it is, we should try helping them rather than make fun or avoid them.

Have you met anyone like the above fictional character?

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