Tuesday, 12 April 2011


After a long cold winter
its nice to see
the sun in its glory
its how it should be.

The heat is immense
things start to grow
we all go crazy
and ready to go.

Semi clad folks
burned with the sun
suffering at night
after enjoying the fun.

Tots with sun hats
protected from the rays
parents being careful
with the heat of the days.

Dogs puffing and panting
clad with heavy coats
jumping in the lakes
chasing boats.

Three days of sunshine
not a cloud in sight
a wonderful summer
glorious and bright.

Who needs to travel
when we have the sun
we can stay at home
and have some fun.

But will it last
we all hope it will
it makes people happy
gives them a thrill.

The last three days here have been glorious, the sun has been shining, the heat immense, but the Great British weather has a tendency to change, and fast lol, we love sunshine here, some Countries have it all the time, we get a little and we love it.

Do you get a lot of sunshine were you live?

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