Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I write poems
thats a fact
they always rhyme
can't help that.

Everyone has a style
that makes it cool
from free flow to sonnets
there is no rule.

It depends on the writer
what he/she records
everyone works
on their own accords.

Some like poetry intense
some like it light
there are no rules
no need to fight.

You write from the heart
if you feel the need
stretch your imagination
no limits you heed.

Poetry is an escape
to live another life
escape to the study
dodge the wife.

We write what we feel
Dependant of the time
it can be of love
or a major crime.

Whatever we write
we hope you enjoy
for some its their life
from a girl or boy.

Why not give it a bash
let your juices flow
put pen to paper
and let it go.

Poetry is an art form, many people write it differently, we all have styles, some heavy, some light, some tell stories in poetry and so on, its a kind of addiction, once you master it.

How long have you been writing??

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