Monday, 28 March 2011


Dawn breaks
a glimmer of sun
pokes his head out
from whitened clouds.

Warmth follows
like a heater turned on
getting hotter
as the day moves on.

Smiling faces
walking along busy streets
laughter can be heard
on such a glorious day.

Flowers consume the light
proud and erect
under a  blue, white sky
naked of clouds.

Lawnmowers working overtime
on bright green lawns
the smell of grass intoxicating
in the mid afternoon.

Hay fever sufferers choking
at the pollen count
evident in
uncontrollable sneezing.

People happy
about their business, outside
 in the
warmth of the day.

The sun makes people happy
everyone golden brown
careful of the summer rays
protected by gear.

Who needs hot countries
when we have our own
beauty is beside you
in a place called home.

Well officially in the UK its British summer time, a time to put the central heating off, enjoy long days, hoping the sun will shine. Since I moved to England I have noticed a marked improvement in the weather, probably because we are nearer to France, we all know they get good weather.

Do you like summer??

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