Thursday, 3 March 2011


The days are drawn and cold
the sun is there but not real
it lights up the frosty day
but shows no warm appeal.

Buds are fighting their way to be born
even though the bitterness bites
hardy trees shelter the winds
coming alive from Winter respites.

Icy winds bite at your body
smiling as they chill you to the bone
all wrapped up in winter clad
daring to get out your phone.

But soon this will pass
warmth will touch the air
the sun will do its job
showing us its ware.

Flowers will bloom
in abundance of sunshine
sweet scented aroma
indicating all is fine.

Winter is a depressing time
when all you want is home.
staying in is a blessing
no one wants to roam.

Hurry up Spring
bring us some cheer
nights become lighter
warmth will appear.

Winters in this Country seem to last a lifetime, as we speak its still around 1 degree centigrade which is cold, however in a few weeks time it should start to get warmer, roll on...

How do you cope in the Winter??

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