Wednesday, 23 March 2011



She started very young
unhappy with her age
at thirteen she felt older
blinded with rage.

Her peers were always more mature
she wanted to be older than her years
mix with girls much older
knowing it would end in tears.

First came the smoking
then she slept with boys
things were going at a fast pace
she outgrew all her toys.

Taken to places she wasn't allowed
trying to live up to her friends
never knowing the consequences
she did, but she would pretend.

She started to alienate her close friends
mixing with the "older crew"
this was an innocent child
a girl no one knew.

Then came the drugs
"needles" became her life
her mom became estranged
living with all the strife.

The kind little girl that once was
became evil in her ways
stealing from other people
sleeping away her days.

No one wanted to know her
her friends all said goodbye
all her family disowned her
her mom would sit and cry.

Peer pressure can be immense
you have to be "who you are"
some can easily be led
others go too far.

I watched a movie last night called "thirteen" this poem is inspired by the fact how easy it is that some kids can succumb to peer pressure, not all kids go that way, but often they want to be like people they see around them, fortunately I was lucky my daughter never went down that road, however many parents are demented with their kids, who once were innocent and become embroiled with "no hoper's"

Do you know any kid/s who went down the wrong track?

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