Friday, 18 March 2011



As the World turns today
much has happened this Year
people killed or lost
living in fear.

Earthquakes roar and grumble
famine still is rife
for man, woman, child
hardship comes to life.

But do not forget others
who suffer each new day
don't let them be forgotten
while they have no say.

God moves in mysterious ways
still he wants to be heard
some say this is his way
of reigning in "his herd"

Planets can only take so much
of man made destruction
so lets try our level best
to aid in its construction.

Oceans roar ,winds batter
nothing can stand the blast
just like many years before
we answer to our past.

People in this World each day
suffer a striking blow
lose family members daily
scared more will go.

Nuclear stations blowing up
radiation in the air
for people who never wanted this
too right it isn't fair.

Why not use resources
free, not harmful at all
use the wind and solar power
then no one will fall.

War, uprisings, restlessness
the whole World going mad
trying to oust despots
democracy needed bad.

Lets treat our Earth like treasure
learn from all this foe
or else we will have nothing
nowhere to go.

Our kids need a stable future
Generations may be lost
sit back and try to think
add up the cost.

The World is in a bad way, wars, uprisings, disasters, and it gets worse, not forgetting disease famine, environmental issues the list goes on.
We really need to take a back seat, evaluate whats happening and take action before we have nothing left,and our kids have no future.

What do you think of the World today?

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