Thursday, 31 March 2011


What do the kids have to offer?
when there is nothing for them to do.
organizations are shutting down
nothing to see them through.

Apprenticeships are far and few
industry doesn't exist
no wonder the kids are rebelling
their education missed.

The World is slowly diminishing
there isn't much left to find
coal and ore is non existent
it has been already mined.

Building new homes is a rarity
so tradesmen have nothing to do
as the unemployed grows to millions
the figures are never true.

As we get more advanced in technology
computers have taken over the reigns
people don't have to be clever
hardly using their brains.

All we have to do is push buttons
then the World could come to an end
but we still need people to program
and in a war, to defend.

So what will be left for our youngsters?
in a hundred or so years
probably nothing is the answer
it will all end up in tears.

So let us think about the future
act now before its too late
we have our lives in our own hands
and future generations fate.

Industry closing, Manufacturers drying up, Apprenticeships non existent, so what do our Kids have to look forward to in the future?
I do not think anyone knows, it is bad enough Today, every job a teenager goes for there are at least 100 applicants bidding for the same job, Educated young people with no future, isnt it sad?

Do you worry what will become of your kids, when they are old enough to have a career?

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