Sunday, 13 March 2011



Tragedy struck
a Country of woe
Earthquakes of magnitude
catastrophic as they go.

The Japanese people
about their daily chores
never saw it coming
but felt the roars.

The ground shook hard
damage was in sight
nothing could be done
no enemy to fight.

Mother Natures roars
as the Earth duly moved
thousands of feet below
Scientists have proved.

What can you do?
when the Earth shouts out?
oceans trembling
lashing about.

Devastation immense
lives are lost
A country in mourning
counting the cost.

People still lost
amongst the debris
professionals battling
the World can see.

We are with you now
amongst your confusion
with Nuclear leaks
cooling fusion.

You will battle hard
and rebuild your lives
the World is with you
the men and their wives.

Japan is a Nation
proud in its ways
nothing can be done
for disastrous days.

Lets hope the loss
of life is very low
and folks have homes
to which they can go.

Help is at hand
you can count on your friends
all we can do is comfort you
and our hand extends.

It is always tragic when there are events that we are never in control of, Earthquakes, weather and so on can cause so much devastation, lives are lost damage goes into billions, but we are defenseless  against Mother Nature herself, when she speaks, we listen, It is tragic that the Japanese people have suffered this blow, as many others will in the future if we do not act on it now, Earth is dying a very slow death,  sorry but we are the ones who are killing it.

What do you believe is happening to our Planet?

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