Tuesday, 8 March 2011


What do we have to do?
to survive this present clime
Dollars and pounds have no value
Gracious in their time!

Everything rising
costs immense
unable to survive
this dreaded expense.

Food is a plenty
growing each day
were is it hiding?
were does it stay?

Governments only care
about money it seems
who cares about the poor?
or benefit schemes?

But what do they do?
make the poor suffer more
by putting up costs
so everything will soar.

In a World of technology
we send men to the moon
Humanity is still disadvantaged
and to perish very soon.

Priorities are of money
not about life
so a few people die?
less worry, no strife!

We need to take heed
before it gets worse
man is determined
to hand out a curse.

Forget about money
life is to be treasured
how did we survive without it?
when life was not measured?

Rising fuel, rising this, that and everything, it is now getting more and more difficult to survive.Young families are feeling the pinch, Mortgaged to the hilt  trying to juggle finances these days is a nightmare.
Jobs few and far between, Employers have choice so the Market is hard, and yet this Government in the UK is "reforming the benefits system"
Why not look closer to home, cut your expenses, your salary even, as we all have to do in this present climate.

How are you coping with rising costs?

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