Friday, 11 March 2011


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He was just like anyone else
born a Human being
his years were younger than him
he was capable of seeing.

His peers would poke some fun
picking their victims as they do
he would just laugh it off
seeing his day through.

Deep down it really hurt
wondering why he wasn't mature
unable to do the same things
not knowing there was no cure.

Even though he could not react
inside he was crying with pain
taunted for being "different"
thinking he was insane.

As time went on he would recall
his dreadful younger life
how he was made the school clown
thats why he picked up the knife.

Alone in an unforgiving World
were normality was expected
the kind of person he was
would always be rejected.

Friends were few and far between
all he had was his brother
lost his folks in a car accident
trying to recall his Mother.

He felt his time had come
not having any commonsense
his life had been so miserable
no one to come to his defense.

He tried so many times
to take his worthless life
his brother had often caught him
taking away the knife.

His Brother was now away
no one to stop his attempt
a life of no importance
worthless, exempt.

All it would have taken
is one kind word
he never experienced it
sadly, absurd.

The day he passed away
was hid blessing in disguise
no worried parties or family
no one, what a surprise!.

This is fiction, or is it? Many people born today and in the past have had learning difficulties, instead of people helping them and understanding them, they taunt, bully and make their poor life a misery.We all knew or know someone who probably felt the way my character did at one point in their lives, as children we had no idea what these people felt when we were taunting them, but as adults we full well know what the consequences would have been and still are.

Be honest, when  you were a child did you taunt people with learning difficulties? I know it wouldn't be when you were an adult..

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