Saturday, 5 March 2011


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Herded like cattle
everything left behind
from the rich and affluent
to the poor and kind.

Taken away from a life
that wasn't too bad
business was booming
no one was sad.

What could we have done
to deserve this abomination
we were all as one
God's creation.

Because we were Jewish
we were a threat
the Nazi's would kill us
with no regret.

Children shot
in the middle of the street
dragged to a funeral pyre
hauled by their feet.

Passers by executed
for no just cause
sent to a Ghetto
in a moments pause.

Rounded up again
herded in trains
from the meek and lowly
to the men with brains.

No one escaped
the onslaught ahead
either gassed or shot
until they were dead.

Mass murdered in chambers
promise of life
husband and wife.

Some escaped the Murders
sent to labor camps
starved to death
clad like tramps.

We should never forget
this mass Genocide
humanity is to blame
nowhere to hide.

Still these horrors happen
all over this World
we should all take heed
as problems are unfurled.

Again I thought it was a timely reminder to alert everyone of the Horrors of the Past near extermination of the Jewish people in the Second World war.
I still to this day do not understand why the Nazi's were allowed to continue this onslaught without intervention from the World.
As I said in my poem, exterminations still happen in other Countries, this should be a deterrent after witnessing what happened to the Jewish people who could easily have been exterminated if it was not for the Russians invading Germany.

Lest we never forget.

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