Wednesday, 9 March 2011


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When we were young
actors were legendary
from Burt Lancaster
to Harry Carey.

Movies were superb
and lasted for hours
perfect for the weekend
and sheltering from showers.

War movies were exciting
Westerns captivating
thrillers made you on edge
mindful creating.

Horrors of the day
were Dracula and co
you were terrified then
behind the bed throw.

Actors set the scene
in excellent suspense
Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis
had commonsense.

Epics such as Sparticus
were a box office smash
millions of dollars spent
plenty of cash.

Remembering the old
actors of that time
like Edward G Robinson
acting in his prime.

The black and white movies
are classics these days
atmospheric crackers
scenic in may ways.

Lets put our hands together
for our heroes of that day
who's acting was extraordinary
and in our hearts will stay.

When we were younger the movies meant a lot more back then than they do now, why? because you had to go to the movies to see one, nowadays you can rent a dvd or even watch it on your laptop.
One of the highlights of my youth was going to the movies with my mum and brother and sister, thats what makes happy memories, and as some of you will know, they were the best days.

What was YOUR fav movie when you were young?

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