Monday, 21 March 2011



Children as young as five
blind,  never could see
thats what this World is producing
no treatment is for free.

Old folks can see shadows
some never saw their kids
eyes open and useless
covered by their lids.

What does it cost to save a life?
what price do we pay for sight?
as little as thirty pounds per child
not much to save their plight.

The look on their little faces
when they can see their mom and dad
is priceless, in anyones book
good news, that isn't sad.

People give to charities
thats what makes this World great
hunger is beaten back
crops they can create.

Medicine costs money
Third World Countries toil
it amazes me that this exists
and makes my blood boil.

The more we ignore this tragedy
more children will surely die
imagine if this was our children!
it could happen, thats no lie.

We are Governed by spending
money is very tight
some can barely survive
throughout life they fight.

It can only get worse in the future
as money gets more rare
but imagine you lost your sight!
you know it wouldn't be fair.

Some Countries have free Doctors
we take it for granted each day
but for some this is a luxury
they cannot afford to pay.

Inspired by the British Red Nose day, a day of Charity to help the third World Countries with .medicine, food, water, this Year the British Public raised over 74 million pounds.
It is pretty impressive as we are being hammered to the ground with financial strain.

Do you donate to charities?

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