Wednesday, 23 February 2011


When we were young
we wanted to be old
forget our education
as we were bold.

When we were at school
we would rather have been earning
make lots of money
longing and yearning.

We dont know 
just what we want
we change our mind
and we like to taunt.

So what is the perfect time?
when we reach a happy medium?
is it back then, or now?
when we break the ultimate tedium.

For me I wish
I was back at school
when life was simple
and always cool.

You had your elders
to make all the rules
you just sat back
thinking they were fools.

But as you get older
you realize what they had
nothing was simple
and at times was bad.

We learn from our upbringing
but we choose who we are
like buying a sofa
or a brand new car.

When you think back
it aint that bad
life can suck if you let it
or it can be sad.

Or you can move on
make it as best as you can
choices we make
or even a plan.

When we were younger, at school, we wished we were working, certainly I did, I wanted to be earning instead of sitting around learning, but was that the right idea? well my answer is no, because more Education stands for more learning and that should have been the priority.

What did you wish for when you were young?

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