Saturday, 12 February 2011


Day by day we are faced with confrontation
be it by people we know or do not
how do we reply when faced with it
we give it everything we got.

Some shout loudly, some cry
tempers flare ,gets out of hand
then comes the silence
they don't understand.

The best way to win when this happens
is to laugh it off and carry on
let them blow steam have their moment
soon the heat is gone.

Don't fuel the fire, let it rest
soon everything will be sedate
the easiest way to deal with it
is count to ten, then meditate.

People are only human and need some release
to keep some sense of pride
emotions flow freely for some it seems
they have nowhere to hide.

The next time someone shouts at you
let them rant and rave at will
for in the end you know who will win
when they have had their fill.

Too many people these days have short tempers, it may be the age we are in, the stress we face each day, this that or the other, but is it necessary?

Are you short tempered?

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