Monday, 28 February 2011


We all remember our childhood
some will try to forget
unless you were brought up in happier times
memories you will get.

Like the time you spent at school
the friends you met, in that day
school dinners were all so memorable
but not that good they say.

Products remind us of our youth
and how they have changed so much
never tasting the same or working as well
changed to a degree as such.

Sweets were the rage in our time
names have been changed today
like gobstoppers, lovehearts and mojos
they were unique in their own way.

Times do change and so do products
we could associate with each day
not just the flavour, but the cost
things move on ,never stay.

But for those times when things were cheap
we enjoyed all varieties of sweets
and unlike today when it is expensive
we were given them as treats.

I was lookin back to my childhood and the names of sweets we had back then, they changed a few and personally they have never been the same since, we all have happy memories of days gone by, sweets of all things were a memory we all cherished, even though we only got them on special days.

What was YOUR fav sweet when you were young?

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