Tuesday, 1 February 2011


We all look for someone to blame
when things never go right
pick arguments and snipe all day
lay in readiness  to have a fight.

So why do we act so cross?
especially to the ones we love
partners falling out
putting on a boxing glove.

At times tempers can flare
we are all human after all
life isnt all glam and happiness
as if you are having a ball.

Situations arise each day
and for some they cannot cope
they look to the person in their sites
and explode in a kaleidoscope.

The answer is count to ten
before you explode in wrath
so people around you get the chance
to get out of your path.

Emotions, some can control
are able to laugh or cry
but for many the stress is too much
it could be you or I!.

Human emotions are intricate, some are cool, some are tetchy, some lose it, some dont, its interesting trying to evaluate what category we all fall into..

What category do you fall into??

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