Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I cannot help the way I was born
it isn't that I eat too much
my body cannot reduce fat
it is the way as such..

Larger than I wish to be
people do not see my inner heart
they only see this bulking body
so they ridicule to start.

Whispers in a rude way
children laughing at me
I cannot sit in a seat
its the way it is meant to be.

Doctors say I may die young
my heart may go any day
but what do they offer me?
criticism in every way.

No one understands
how lonely this life can be
alienated from other peers
I pray I am set free.

A place were no one laughs
taunts, or punishes my look
it is not coming quickly enough
a time to close this book.

God makes people different
in his eyes we are all the same
but being big is no laughing matter
it comes with too much shame.

Sadly, in this Country alone, obesity is becoming a problem, not just because people are in danger of Health issues but because of the taunts they are subjected to because they are big.Personally I think its awful to label someone, sadly jibes will always carry on hurting someones feelings.

what are your views?

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