Sunday, 6 February 2011


King Henry V111
He was born in 1491
clever for his age
Prince Henry was popular
would always engage.

Growing up he had a fool
to amuse him when he was bored
amongst his sport was jousting
and to his peers adored.

In 1509 he married
a woman called Catherine of Aragon
born to him a child called Mary
a child he frowned upon.

He wanted the marriage annulled
because his wife was obsessed
her religion often disturbed him
as a protestant self possessed.

He went on to have five other wives
some of them did not live long
out of the seven, five had lived
as they had done no wrong.

Henry was known as a tyrant
he had enemies close at hand
Palaces were full of deceit
from the lowly to the Grand.

The King had lived a long life
trying aimlessly to rear an heir
not always in the legal sense
or by no means often fair.

His daughter Mary did become queen
then Elizabeth the first did Reign
she was called the "virgin queen"
Royalty with a brain.

I am a very keen follower of History, we Brits have it in abundance, a fav tv prog of mine on just now is called "The Tudors" which captures the very life of King Henry the eighth and his struggle to be happily married and Father an Heir.
The actual reality of this drama is superb.

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