Monday, 7 February 2011

DAILY POEM "BLACK HISTORY MONTH" from the beginning.

Born into a beautiful Country
were life was simple but free
the warmth of the sun overpowering
its were I wanted to be.

The villages were poor
not much food to eat
fish were caught in the river
the men hunted for meat.

Families were large
schooling was elementary
but the kids got educated
for survival in the day.

All too soon they came
bringing disease and sorrow
the ways of the white man fierce
and their ways we soon did borrow.

Taking all the women
drunk with malice and greed
they never paid attention
no one paid any heed.

We were all packed up in wooden ships
taken away from all we knew
chained like a wild animal
tormented by the ships crew.

We arrived in strange places
sold for money or gold
forced into slavery miles from home
while the weak died unsold.

Slavery lasted for many years
and for some they still recollect
ancestors were taken far from home
left with nothing but self respect.

This Month is Black History Month, I popped over to my friend Brians Blog and read his powerful post, this is my contribution to Black History Month , the time of slavery, when greed outweighed humanity at a time of selling humans to look after the well off, or work in plantations to make them even more richer.

Lest we never forget :)

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