Thursday, 24 February 2011


Icy cold winds
battering the sides
the drone is trembling
as the barge glides.

Its our watery home
we have known no other
never settled on land
never needed to bother.

Living is simple
making a bob or two
gliding on canals
with our son and you.

Fuel increases
but we sail away
our home on the water
better each day.

Transporting goods
from place to place
tons of room
loads of space.

We wouldn't change
this way of living
free of stress
and so much giving.

The barge is our sanctuary
may she live on
when buildings and land
have eventually gone.

Was watching a movie called "young Adam" last night, it was based on a barge, looked a great place to live, was set in the early fifties in Scotland, in those days they worked and lived on the barge.

would you be happy living on a barge>?

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