Friday, 25 February 2011


Born in an accepting Society
were everything is the norm
no one cares about issues
or whether you have form.

Growing up was not easy
trapped in this alien being
I wanted to be one thing
my body needed freeing.

I never wanted those clothes
but was forced against my will
I will be happy when I am older
then I may get my thrill.

They do not understand
why I do not mix
they think there is something mentally wrong
something they can "fix"

Doctors stare and inspect
deep down I do not care
this is not the way its meant to be
in fact it isn't fair.

I was born as a girl
but I am a boy
they will have to accept this
I am not a toy.

I want guns and soldiers
not girly dolls
I wanted to have short hair
and a set of balls.

Finally they see
I am not happy within myself
time for me to be me
and come off the shelf.

Now I am accepted
I can be who I am
no more pretense
or living a sham.

More and more these days people are born as trans genders, they may have been born a boy or a girl but within themselves they know their sex, its a hormonal change that happens so it has to be accepted, people have to be who they want to be, and as they are forced to live a lie, it can prove damaging mentally.

Do you agree that they should be allowed to decide on their own life?

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