Friday, 18 February 2011


When we are born
we have none to chew
as we don't eat solids
our gums will do.

When we get older 
they cause us pain
entering our mouth
protruding in vain.

Then we learn 
to look after them well
brushing them regularly
the shine will tell.

If we do not
then signs will appear
the pain is excruciating
and then comes the fear.

You visit the dentist
what do they say?
I am afraid it is infected
take these pills today.

Then come back
it will have to come out
then the panic sets in
when your out and about.

The mere thought 
of an extraction is fear
you have time to think
the scenario is clear.

Sitting at reception
you fear for the worse
having teeth
is sometimes,a curse.

Patients come out
faces ashen grey
thankfully no screams
at least not today.

Then its your turn
your shaking all tense
not with the extraction
but with the expense.

Do not eat
certainly no smoking
no hot drinks
you have to be joking.

Your mouth is numb
blood spurting out
you can't feel your tongue
whats this about?

Two days later
the pain subsides
a huge gaping hole
your tongue hides.

Look after your teeth
its worth it ,be sure
because the angst and nerves
are no way a cure.

Yes folks another one bites the dust, was having pain for weeks, decided to visit my dentist and was told I had an abscess. The pain was excruciating before I went in and after I came out, well after the cocaine wore off lol.

Do YOU look after your teeth?

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