Tuesday, 25 January 2011


On a cold January day
it was decided they would March
Mothers, sons and daughters
Fathers by the arch.

Peace was the ambition
coldly organized that day
many wanted harmony
but wanted their say.

The leaders stood at the forefront
brothers in arms, very proud
they would walk down the street in protest
shouting very loud.

The Army waited for them
determined to stop the rally
demanding the leaders cease
bodies they would tally.

What started of peacefully
ended in bloody rage
no one had predicted it
no one read the page.

The British Army patrolled
under orders to stop them dead
positioned , in precision
prepared and well fed.

All too soon the sound of gunfire
as innocent people fell
The 30th of January 1972
a date that rings a bell?

What happened that day was horrific
and should never happen again
Sunday bloody Sunday was the title
we will never forget then.

This is the anniversary of the Sunday Bloody Sunday killings in Northern Ireland ,when 13 unarmed people were shot dead by British soldiers during a peaceful demonstration.
The whole tragedy was horrific, the Army were prepared for trouble but were they prepared for death?

Lest we never forget.

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