Monday, 31 January 2011


They come in droves
buy their stuff
kids in tow
had enough.

The aisles are busy
nowhere to turn
the trolleys are greased
ready to burn.

Items tossed in
to the metallic cage
in a desperate hurry
just like road rage.

Forgetting the essentials
the mind goes blank
need lots of money
from the piggy bank.

Chocs and crisps
piled up high
anything sensible
you just pass by.

wine and beer
a must for the weekend
while the sober glance
try to pretend.

when you get to the checkout
 in your trolley things appear
the kids throwing in sweets
scared to come near.

Carrier bags full
groceries done
its now time to relax
have some fun.

We all have to do it, whether we like it or not, go shopping, or we dont eat, personally I hate any kind of shopping, but there re folks out there who do like it...

Do you like shopping??

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