Tuesday, 4 January 2011


She lies in the gutter
ragged, half clothed
sickness on her lips
nearly betrothed.

Responsibility nil
passers-by tut
spewing unkindness
branded a slut.

Clasping a glass
full with bitterness
trying to compose herself
tidying her dress.

Profanities flying
no care or respect
onlookers seething
littering neglect.

How can you end up
being this way
you were a lady
the other day.

Now we see you
in this mess
torn and tattered
no one can address.

Soon to wake up
in a prison cell
no one to support you
but "what the hell"

Drunk and abusive
the charge is given out
not my little daughter
without a doubt.

Shame lasts forever
all for one night
but never mind dear
you will still fight.

Teenage Alcohol abuse is at an all time high, you read the papers, you watch the news and you see it on a daily basis, whats happening? It is about time this lousy Government take action to help the youth of today instead of making their lives ten times more difficult.

Do you think teenage alcoholism is an issue were you live?

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