Sunday, 23 January 2011


She cowers over a one bar fire
frightened that she cannot pay
the cold bites in unforgiveness
shocking for such a day.

Clad all day wrapped up at night
frightened to catch the cold
such as it is for people these days
especially the old.

Huge conglomerates clasp their hands
as winter brings in the bucks
do they care? no they don't
such is life and it sucks.

Prices raised at an all time high
fuel is expensive to produce
even by nature giving a hand
when will there be a truce?

Wind farms evident on our lands
so why does it cost them so much?
bonuses given to the men in charge
screwing the people as such.

Soon we will have to burn our goods
in order that we stay warm
relying on weather and its force
and hoping for never a storm.

Electricity rockets as does Gas
so everyone pays the price
wouldn't it be good if they shared the profits
yes it would be nice.

Fuel prices are soaring and it will not get any better, even with things such as wind farms huge companies still make us suffer with increasing fuel costs.For some it is too much and they cannot afford to burn fuel to keep themselves warm, statistics show especially the elderly are prone to hypothermia in the winter months.

Do you think fuel prices are at a ridiculous cost?

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