Saturday, 29 January 2011


Riot torn streets
people with arms
the Government losing control
and also its charms.

The people are unhappy
with the reforms
so they say it with violence
and now the rage storms.

What uncertainty lies
in this present clime
bogged down with unrest
uncalled for crime.

Still they don't move
they think they are right
so the people will struggle
argue and fight.

Is the answer violence?
seems it is so
so how can you win
how can you grow?

No one giving in
everyone thinks its right
up to seventy dead
so far from the fight.

World leaders pleading
get it sorted out
everyone involved
knowing what its about.

Looting and vandalism
in streets by day
the Public shouting
having their say.

Soldiers opening fire
on innocent men and boys
having not had a war
playing with their toys.

When will it end
before talks begin
all of these people
dead, its a sin.

As the rioting and looting rages in Egypt, as per usual the Whole World is involved with the unrest in Egypt.
Why does it always take death for Government officials to take heed at the people?
This could very well be us, as we are faced with horrendous decisions being made in Government in this Country.

How do you feel about the situation in Egypt?

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