Monday, 3 January 2011


Now the festivities are over
we sit back and count the cost
wonder how much we have spent
how much has been lost.

As the sales come thick and fast
who has money to spend?
temptation of half price items
encourages the end.

Items you paid full price for
a couple of months before
are now costing almost nothing
and are walking out the door.

As your credit card is stretched
maybe you can afford some more
the shops know what they are doing
yes they know the score.

Televisions hundreds of pounds cheaper
Playstations, computers ,all cheap
for the people who were spendthrift
they win, while we all weep.

It pays to be wise at Christmas
as the winner is the person who waits
they get the bargains in the end
and are clever with money to create.

Here we are again folks, we paid hundreds of pounds for goods leading up to xmas, and yet after the year the same goods are hundreds of pounds cheaper, its really weird how shops cannot give you bargains as the January sales at christmas lol, but they want to create as much revenue as possible. Hats of to the frugal who wait till after the year and get a few bargains, you are clever.

Do you have money to spend at the sales?

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