Tuesday, 18 January 2011


You come in all shapes and sizes
can be a treat or maybe an obsession
I love you but you make me heavy
I try to beat your suppression.

Whether you are light or dark
have other ingredients within
your smoothness makes me salivate
be happy, and sometimes I grin.

You are expensive these days to buy
but what do I care about that?
I will find the money to buy you
the argument ends at that.

Your made of milk and cocoa
blended to a fine smooth bar
I cannot wait to undress you
your sweetness is greater by far.

As long as your not guzzled
or too much of you is consumed
I can save you for another day
when alone and marooned.

We all get addicted to you
the comfort you can bring
would make Angels smile
and the birds sing.

A friend of mine (Trisha) wrote a poem concerning chocolate, here is my version of how I relate to it, everyone loves it, please pop over to her blog to read her version of the poem.

Do you like chocolate??

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