Wednesday, 12 January 2011


A woman walks to work in freezing conditions on January 4, 2010 in London, England.  Much of the country is in the grip of freezing weather with snow and ice disrupting transport across the UK, as people return to work after the Christmas break. The MET office confirmed that the Christmas period has been the coldest for 25 years with temperatures as low as -17C  being recorded in Scotland.
The days grow long and cold
winter still reigns
we shiver deep inside
of bitterness that remains.

Icy cold winds
bite at your being
the sun forever far
never really seeing.

Frosted grass of white
carpets miles afar
the fire blazing hard
no doors left ajar.

Soon to be warmer
as the months slide by
temperatures rising
then bodies will fry.

Look forward to a time
when the light lasts more hours
dark days gone
warming colored flowers.

The spring air coming soon
no more Arctic freeze
lo and behold
a warmer spring breeze. 

The UK still freezes, January is always a chilling month, roll on the warmer weather..

Is it warm or cold were you live?

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