Friday, 31 December 2010



As we say goodbye to another Year
we raise a glass to the new
but will it be any better?
the answer is down to YOU.

Will we be any happier this year?
could the recession get any worse?
will poor people have enough to eat?
and maybe a fatter purse!

Hopefully terrorism will cease
so soldiers can come home
posted out to alien countries
were only the evil roam.

Mother Earth had spoken
disasters came in floods and quakes
so we need to be more careful
and do whatever it takes.

Kidnappings became a trend
people were scared to venture
pirates in the ocean these days?
like out of a movie adventure.

So lets hope peace is born
as we grasp this brand new Year
lets all be Happy and content
try not to shed a tear.

I wish every one of you a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.
Thank you all for your kind support on my blogs through 2010, I look forward to renewing our friendship for another Year and meeting new friends.


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Monday, 27 December 2010


Christmas paper lying on the floor
Santa been and gone
kids still happy for a while
nothing to frown apon.

Turkey sandwiches dished out
three days after the event
veg displayed after its best
stretched to its extent.

Old movies rambling on
as the party hats are torn
mulled wine, mince pies
Celebrating when Jesus was born.

Dad sleeping, mum washing up
as the presents are gathered in piles
taken to the bedroom with loving care
all shapes of various styles.

Cars broken down Batteries expired, 
dolls with no ability to cry
Playstations max'd, kids tuckered out
helicopters unable to fly.

The gifts you never wanted
like the socks you do not need
or the jumper two sizes larger than you
no one paid any heed.

Its over once more, all the hype
just for one glorious day
everyone content, Christmas has gone
we all wish it could stay.

All the hype, all the stress and it is over in one day lol, Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

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Monday, 20 December 2010


It started as a cry for help
everyone was all around
the gun was at his head
his mentality wasn't sound.

The negotiator tried his best
but he would ignore his plea
then the gun went off
now the gunman was free.

It took years to set aside
the pain he had went through
he let a little boy die
someone he never knew.

He took a job far away
as a cop, to forget the past
the days he had nightmares
were long and would always last.

Three kids brought it all back
when a robbery they staged
two of the kids were sensible
one was full of rage.

Murder was on his mind
he cared less for his so called life
kids with nothing better to do
causing anguish and strife.

In the end he got his reward
he was forgotten after that day
the negotiator won the fight
but his nightmares, they would stay.

Its guess the movie time again folks, this one is one of my favs, never really gave too much away ,but I am sure one or two of you will get this one right away. Good luck.

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Friday, 17 December 2010


Cold icy winds batter your face
as you walk along the road
pavements like glass, deadly under foot
as you battle to lighten the load.

Panic buyers rush, to buy essentials
no care for sick or lame
badly organized councils,look to the sky
looking for someone to blame.

Unsalted roads, inches thick
cars abandoned, broken down
trapped on motorways miles long
wondering what went wrong.

Year in, year out
the Weather is always the same
and yet we face catastrophe
no one will take the blame.

Where does all the revenue go?
we pay in annual taxes?
Organization is a must
before anyone relaxes.

We had been warned of Global warming
it was mentioned Years ago
so this comes as no surprise to us
as gases thrive and grow.

Every year without fail Britian comes to a standstill when it snows, year after year we are hit hard and yet we still have no organization, workplaces are hit due to staff unable to get to work, public transport stops, air and rail networks are hit, and we never get it right.People are trapped in mile long queues on motorways every time we have snow, its a joke.

Is your Country better Organized than the UK when it comes to winter?

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Bodies entangled in terror
rushed off your feet
supposed to be a time for fun
giving the kids a treat.

Shoved hard,queues miles long
stuff flying off the shelves
Santa would be so distressed
and so would his little elves.

Tills pinging, money given
bargains to be had by all
it takes the bravest heart to find
or they may take a fall.

Bags packed, heavy weight
dying for a cup of tea
kids screaming bored to death
some in need of a pee.

Decorations lit, Santa's grotto
waiting for the kindest soul
kids excited, getting near
sweets in a nearby bowl.

Shopkeepers delighted,money spent
who cares about the recession
credit cards max'd for just one day
of this human based obsession.

Went out shopping with my daughter today, it was manic, for one day a year everyone panics, everyone rushes, it def pays to start early but for people like me, will we ever learn lol.

Are you organized at Christmas??

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Saturday, 11 December 2010


For some they like to win
no matter who they hurt
attitudes are negative
stagnant, curt.

Selfishness can be a trait
so many people own
and if they do not get their way
stamp their feet and groan.

Then you get the selfless
who do so many things
happy with life and their lot
and everything it brings.

For them we cherish humanity
and thank God for what they are
never seeking rewards
or compliments by far.

That's why we are so different
not cut by the same cloth
as a butterfly brings beauty
and is different from a Moth.

Do you think you are selfish or selfless?

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010


He walked along the lonely road
not knowing were it may lead
determined to be different
no rules or laws would he heed.

As long as he was happy
some said that was insane
for him life was insufferable

Too carefree to worry
contemplating his fate
lonely, indecisive

No one knew who he was
identity unknown
to them he was "that" guy
who in their street had grown.

So as time passed on by
his inhibitions grew
no one had the right to judge
for one they hardly knew.

This is not about anyone in particular, but we all know someone who is different and wants to fit in but never does.

Do you know anyone who is eccentric??

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