Monday, 31 May 2010


Birds sing gleefully
in well covered trees
the sun shines as bright 
as a torch on full power
the heat is scorching ]
through the 
double glazed windows
as if it had its own 
central heating system.

The walk is glorious
feeling the sun bite into
your bare skin
making its mark in scarlet red
the air is fresh, distant perfumes
enter your nose
leaving beauty.

Sunday, 30 May 2010


I brought you into this world
I saw you cut your first tooth
you fell and I bandaged your knee
I taught you to tell the truth.

I was there when you started at school
shared your tears as you lost at the games
you came to me whenever you were sad
I was able to save you from the flames.

When your boyfriend dumped you I was there
I helped you nurture your child
drove you wherever you wanted to go
even though the weather was wild.

Saturday, 29 May 2010


What do you do
when things go wrong
you have heard the tune
of the same old song.

You are down on your luck
nothing goes right
no matter what you do
there seems no light.

No one to turn to
your friends all gone
its always night-time
never seeing dawn.

Friday, 28 May 2010


Family Friday is special, why? because it was created by my friend Amy and her friend Lori Peterson, Family means  a lot, needless to say there are all sorts of families, families who stay in touch, families who are estranged, and families who get along just for the sake of it.

Memories of the old days dictate family meant a lot, take for example in the days when family all stayed together under one roof, many cultures still do this today but not many, why? because we as British people like to fly the nest and go it alone, yes family are special but we go forth and multiply lol, we create our own family as an extension of our blood family, and so it grows, we all like our own space so we get married have our own family and buy our own homes, very rarely do families here in the UK stay together under the one roof, imagine the size of house we would need lol getting under each others feet day in day out.

But in saying we like our own space we also like our family around us, luckily we have family in the same country, some do not, some siblings move away to another country, this is when it becomes more difficult to see them, yes we may go on vacation to visit them, but they are not a car ride away so we miss them even more.

I am fond of everybody loves Raymond, an American sit com, you have Raymond and his family then you have his mom ,dad, and brother live across the street from them, they all get long, in and out each others houses, it gives them a sense of belonging, a sense that they are always there for each other and that is a good way of being close.

I do not think anyone would be too concerned living this way, I know I would, family is important, family are special, make the most of them and  appreciate what you have.

Do you have family near you? how do you manage your relationship with them?

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Thursday, 27 May 2010


We all take for granted 
things we love
like the power to see
or the good Lord above.

But when it all goes wrong 
as it often can
like jumping out the fire
into the frying pan.

What do we do?
how do we react?
do we wait for the moment?
or just face the fact?

Being patient is a trait
hardly anyone has
we are always in a hurry
trying to find that greener grass.

Nudging  people out of our way
just to get to were we want
never being sorry for what we do
or  fearing your conscience would haunt.

Making examples is our goal
as we cross our daily paths
we don't care about our neighbours
or worrying about their wrath's.

So think about this each day
as you stand on another soul
try to empathize with the lowly
aim for learning another goal.

Rush rush and rush, thats all I see around me daily, people pushing at each other, cars beeping to get moving faster, everyone is under one massive CLOCK, the saying is time waits for no man, and it is true, but stop, look around, watch people going about their daily chores and just see what I am talkign about in tis poem is true, we all rush, we are all governed by time, its crazy :)

Are you a rusher? or do u take it nice and cool?

please visit all the other rally entrants :)

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Killed by a man she admired
her heart was in the right place
all she wanted was recognition
to be able to have her own space.

Waking up in a time
when felines gathered at her
she awoke to the smell of animals
four legged and dawned in fur.

Her life began to change
when she saw things in a different way
her boss still stood at her angrily
never listening to what she would say.

Then one day she said it how it was
and was told to pack her things
although her friends admired that
she wishd she had gained wings.

Walking along the narrow streets
dogs would bark at her
she hissed and growled back at them
her mind began to alter.

Her powers were not of this Earth
she could do things like never before
she was an ace at basketball
and was soon the talent on the floor.

Then she began to help the repressed
criminals would tire of her work
they were hopless when she was around
she was there when they tried to lurk.

Guess the movie time again folks, I think I have made it too easy so I expect lots of correct entries this week lol, go on give it a try, the clues are always there...

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


What do you see in me I ask?
as I gently stroke your face
your skin so soft and inviting
my heart begins to race.

Your perfume enchants my very being
I,m intoxicated with your scent
you my love, my best friend
are heaven sent.

Amid a bouquet of roses
you would overpower their beauty
and if blindfolded I would never find
a thorn in all my duty.

lips so soft, candy sweet
engulfs me in a trancelike state
lets stay this way forever
we know it is our fate....

Open your heart you will never know what rewards you may get :)

are YOU a warm hearted person??

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Monday, 24 May 2010


Mystical magic feelings of love
enhanced by the look in your eyes
paradise awaits the toughest of men
something you may never despise.

The perfumed aroma in the warm night air
is intoxicating and has me still
no where to run nowhere to hide
your here and in for the kill.

Wrap me in this paradise I found
nothing I want more than this
keep me for all time in this wondrous place
surround me with your passionate kiss.

If I ever wake up from this dream of beauty
when the sun comes up I beg you stay
for this is the world we have chosen my love
I will guard you in every way.

Sometimes we have dreams we never wanna wake from :)

Have you had a dream like above??

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Sunday, 23 May 2010


When a man is hungry he forages for food
he will search until he becomes sustained
when an animal fears for his life each day
he will cower until he is strained.

When the sun shines too much each and every day
it will go down and there will be cool
when a clown performs a show to make us laugh
he wont be happy until he's a fool.

When the water drys up in a natural lake
it will rain to be filled up again
when a mother gives birth to a new born child
until he is safe she will always remain.

When a bird sings sweetly on a leafless tree
we know the leaves will grow in spring
when the moon shines bright in the hue built sky
the wolves will howl and sing.

When Earth is put under tremendous strain
Mother nature will take her course
as the ozone layer burns away in time
other fuels we must burn at source.

When animals are threatened in their natural habitat
we must try to save them from man
when humankind is loveless uncaring or evil
show love towards them if you can.

When someone is drowning we try to save them
its all we can do to be kind
so remember when your neighbour is cold and hungry
spare some food, all you can find.

There are still some people whom we can depend
in a world so selfish and cruel
people who love their fellow man
are humane and never a fool.

A little about life and how we see it from time to time...

Do you sometimes wonder what will be??

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Saturday, 22 May 2010


Heal my wounds
free my chains
bond our love
with time that remains.

Sacrifice your destiny
forget about your fate
chase away the devils
wipe clean my slate.

Play softly your music
with symphonies of power
witness my new entrance
from the dark and lonely tower.

Resuscitate my heart
with passion alive
breathe life within me
helping me to thrive.

Love can be everything, love can make u feel excellent or make you feel sad, but the creation of love from the beginning is the best part.

Was it love at first sight when you met your partner??
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Friday, 21 May 2010


What is a family
they are there for you
care for and cherish
always remain true.

What is a family
when the time dictates
they all come together
even when in different states.

What is a family
its a time to share
show your feelings
tell them you care.

What is a family
you all grow together
weather all storms
at the end of your tether.

What is a family
share good news and bad
go see your mom
fish with your dad.

What is a family
at the end of the day
a group of loving people
who all have a say.

What is a family
when you can recall
they were there for you
when you had a fall.

What is a family
when its incomplete
without a member
an empty seat.

What is a family
without its charms
go on hug them
with both of your arms.

Welcome to Amy and The Petersons Family Friday, always a special day run by two special people, Today I decided to write about the essence of a family and what it can mean to us. Please visit the other entries, Family friday rocks.

What does Family mean to YOU?

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