Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Just finished it was time to relax
put the pen away go on vacation
the deadline was met for once
I'm happy with this situation.

Jump in the car and head out
to peace and solitude
had enough of the Rat race for now
and peoples attitude.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


The only thing I hear
is raindrops on the glass
the forefront in my mind
is the pain which I amass.
Deep as it cuts, it never mend
it casts more doubt in my heart
solitude is a thing I could never face
so much as we now part.
I close my eyes and you appear
in the corner of my mind
The days are nights the nights are day
lonliness fills me with pain
and still silence fills the air
with raindrops the only sound.
when I reach out for you in the night
emptiness is all I find.
Be happy in your new life
where sunshine fills your day
text me when I'm alone
make my sunny day gray.
Desperation fills my body
as I kneel upon the ground
whilst silence fills the air around
raindrops are the only sound.

A story of lost love, ah when this happens we don't care about anything, we just dredge through our day, nothing seems to matter, it takes forever to get over it, doesn't it?

Monday, 29 March 2010


Late again what will I do?
Traffic held up
another long queue
glance at your watch
nerves uptight
engine overheating
something not right.
The car Crawling slowly
legs stiff and sore
radio blaring loud
in and out of the door.
Clutch up clutch down
brake foot numb
shouting and screaming
no nails on their thumb.
stop start stop start
will it ever end?
wondering how long
the queue will extend.
cyclists passing cars
smiling on their way
extending happy greetings
"have a lovely day"
Anger on faces
swearing in a low breath
tooting horns in madness
worse than death.
No chance of repeating this tomorrow
my nerves won't take the strain
another way I have to go
in fact I'll take the train.
Here at work, late again
the office stands at ease
the boss looks over his glasses
"come to my office Please"
trying to explain is hopeless
as usual it falls on deaf ears
traffic jams are unnerving
ages you in Years.

Everybody loves being stuck in traffic NOT, especially when you are running late for work, how many times does this happen, it makes you fume and get irritated and when you finally turn up at work, the boss doesnt believe you were stuck in traffic lol.

Has the above happened to you? what do you do to keep yourself amused when stuck in traffic?

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Sunday is a day that everyone rests
no more work, no more tests
wash the car, do some chores
play with the wee one ,on all fours!

Take the dog a very long walk
no more worries no watching the clock
get in the garden kill some weeds
tidy the shrubs, sow some seeds.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Standing by the window
tears flow from my eyes
losing you was criminal
but hardly a surprise.
I met you many years ago
you were always in my life
in every dish I chose to cook
even cooked by my wife.
I peeled your outer shell
to feel your slippery skin
but you slipped between my fingers
then fell into the bin !
Shredded in my Pot
your aroma filled the air
the smell was so delicious
colored light and fair.
When I attempted to eat you
horror entered my mind
I couldn't eat this onion
the one that made me blind.

Friday, 26 March 2010



Todays theme represents the Mums and Dads in the family, you have worked hard all week, Saturday night comes, Your hubby is taking you out for a meal, from experience, lol this is what happens.

Does my bum look big
in this here dress?
Will you do me a favor dear
give it a press?

What time are we due
at the restaurant tonight?
you booked it for seven?
that wasn't too bright!

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Delicate flowers
swaying freely
amid a windy backdrop
slight protection
behind a broken wall
being saved by stone
sunshine opening buds
swollen by the heat
desperate to bloom
petals still strong
newly formed.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


It all started out well
Pa was respected by all
the Boss he worked for liked him
but pa was in for a fall!

One night his inquisitive son
wanted to know were his Pa would go
always wondering what he did
keen, yet determined to know.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


The atmosphere is intense
you need eyes at the back of your head
take your eyes off the ball
and you are sure to be dead.
Women's covered faces
expressionless and cold
tears run from their eyes
females young and old.
Terror covers the streets
young men passing on rusted bikes
not knowing who to trust
dodging all the spikes..
Bombs going off in far away streets
screams can be heard for miles
camouflaged by smoky fields
bodies lying in piles.
Our unit sheltering from terrorists
everyone is always on edge
a man grasps on a towered building
then falls quickly from the ledge.
Fires set everywhere, smoke is thick
a place that never sees the light
touring for many Years
daily you have to fight.
Hospitals are full of wounded people
medicine is desperately low
doctors covered in blood and sinew
nurses running to and fro.
Bodies piled up ready to burn
its a nightmare will anyone waken?
children wounded as young as five
scared, tired, forsaken..
The fight for freedom goes on
and always the innocent suffer
armies will always give chase
and be used when they need a buffer.

I wrote this poem just when the Iraq War had ended joyous times for the people but sadly the killing and wounding would not end there and sadly it goes on to this day, we wonder whether there will ever be peace in Iraq to allow our Soldiers to come home to their families, lets hope so.

Do you have anyone serving in Iraq or know of anyone? how long have they served?

Picture courtesy of Google

Monday, 22 March 2010


I cannot live like this for long
being unable to have my own child
I often dream of what might be
if I had been quiet not wild.

The opportunity came for me
I couldn't resist this chance
perhaps this would be the end of me
a phase, a passing glance.

Saturday, 20 March 2010


Darkness falls upon the village
birds don't sing anymore
except an owl hooting loudly
and the shriek of the rampant wild boar.

The last person lived till ninety four
the rest died before they were twenty
caused by a witch burned to the stake
after her they died a plenty.

Thursday, 18 March 2010


Have you ever wondered how
you could survive without your friends?
let them know each day
that to you they depend.
Have you ever sent them flowers
with a message "you are adored"
or ever told your closest friends
without them you'd be bored?
Have you ever saw a rainbow
and imagined a pot of gold?
made a wish with a shiny coin
and broken that mold.
Have you ever had a feeling
that something could go wrong?
or wondered why Samson
could be that strong?
Have you ever loved a person
or argued with whom you choose
or wanted something badly
like a fortnights cruise?
Have you ever noticed the poor old man
with his shabby dirty clothes?
or ever wondered why Rudolph
has a bright red nose?
Have you ever chose a meal for the night
or decided to take away?
Have you ever gotten the kids to bed
to enjoy the rest of your day?
Have you ever decided on the menu
for the TV late at night?
maybe watch your favorite soap
or settle for the fight.
Have you ever wondered how
we can fill in our day?
listened to all objectives
of what people have to say?
Have you ever wondered when
this poem will ever end?
maybe now or maybe never
you will read it coz your my friend.

Some questions to contemplate today friends, sometimes we just pause, take a look around be it imaginary or real, the saying is "waken up and smell the coffee" I sometimes come out with crazy observations or questions.

What do YOU often wonder? and do you always get the answers?

do you have anyone in mind you would like to see on blog promotions? please contact me via any of my pages.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Darkness fell so quickly tonight
the sun had set  fast
the world felt an awkward place
all that was heard was a blast.

The plane had landed with only one wheel
the others failed to engage
the pilot tried to land securely
with a co pilot full of rage.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


The frost slowly melts on the window pane
as the warmth is lovely inside
the temperature is lowing the trees are now resting
as our cat snuggles lovingly beside.

The warmth of the fire glowing with light
is magical, a sight to behold
safe and warm inside my home
away from the wintry cold.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


The old lady was delighted
this was the love of her life
at last she was able to buy one
this machine would end her strife.

She always wanted to have one
a microwave would make things easy
she could now prepare an omelette
and make it nice and cheesy.

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Whilst walking along
the street one night
I came across a wondrous sight
A lady aglow in an aura of light.

She looked so very real to me
I walked towards her shaking
her charm was mesmerizing
could my eyes be faking?

Her dress was of a distant past
hair was long and dark
the street was lit from her glow
whilst heading for the park.

She walked along a darkened path
apparel trailing on the ground
smiling beautifully as she walked
did she want to be found?.

I walked close behind her
the moonlight shone the way
I tried to stop and talk to her
still shocked with nothing to say.

Her bodice was colored blood red
barely clad but felt no cold
wondering how she managed to walk
how will this mystery unfold.

Stunned by her beauty
I followed her for hours
glancing around every now and then
she engulfed me with her powers.

Eventually she would stop and stare
at a decrepit abandoned shack
still floating as if magical
she did not leave a track.

Eyes fixed on the shack
tears ran from her eyes
she pointed to an inscription
and looked in shocked surprise.

Directed by her trance
to the notice on the door
the light was slowly fading
 it was hard to read once more

Reaching for a match
the message was unclear
the writing was of scripture
how long had this been here?

Her name was Nancy Smith
she died in a tragic way
in 1840 at this time
her life was taken away.

She died from a horrible fire
no one had tried to assist
human life was worth nothing then
death was always dismissed.

Knowing she needed someone to help
she strolled the streets at night
but until now she never got her wish
she could not reach the light.

I said a prayer for Nancy
to allow her soul to rest
then set fire to the remaining shell
I felt it was for the best.

Three nights later I returned
flowers covered the spot
Nancy at rest peacefully now.
the remains of her forgot.

Nancy's soul was rested
she eventually won her fight
to this day no girl was seen

with a glow of yellow light.

I wrote this poem a few years ago, and forgot to post it, this is haunting, I am a believer in people not finding the light so to speak and left in limbo, strange things happen, some explained some unexplained.

Do you believe in ghosts? have you seen one? have you experienced the paranormal? I have....

Friday, 12 March 2010


We’re all going to the zoo today
Excitement adorns us in a brand new way.
Lions, Tigers, Seals, and giraffes
Penguins,snakes all here today.

Children laughing at the Lions roar
as the Polar bear dives in for fish
Monkeys playing on old chewed ropes
as the peacocks eat out of a dish'

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I get bored looking at your face
when I strive to make you the best
Go out of my way to advance you
sometimes win but then its a test.

Why do I change you all the time?
when you could be happy as you are
we have come along nicely together
but I need to push you far.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Your like a torch that shines in the night
your like a baby who's smile is so bright
your like an Angel sent from above
your like all that is good about love.

Your like a storm that gets out of hand
your like a farmer who tills all his land
your like a flower that smells so divine
your like a rebellion that gets out of line.

Monday, 8 March 2010


Dedicated to Gerardine Baugh

Mountains tall, rivers fast,
Trees standing proud, flowers that last,
Whistling birds, melodic in tune,
High towered sand, shaped like a dune'

Waterfalls pure, sweet smelling air,
Animals living, without human scare,
Sounds of nature in its own domain,
Growth so thick, because of the rain'

Fish a plentiful, in rivers of gold,
never to be caught, ending up sold,
Unspoilt land, can it be true?
Where grass is so green, and sky’s are blue.

The only sound is life at peace
days so long a slow release
nature going wild left alone
no exhausts or a telephone.

Fruit bearing trees tall and proud
enough to eat well your allowed!
no taxes,laws, just animal rules
were nothing matters not even fools.

No fear or loss just a slow pace
far from everything and the rat race
wake up in the morning to fresh cool air
living off the land and all it can spare.

Tall green grass no need for mowing
viewing for miles the sun is glowing
wild flowers growing carpeted throughout
even if its arid, or a lenghty drought.

Visted by the few, unspoilt land
no one knows your here don't understand
like a land far away no maps to find
lost in time, left behind.

I dedicate this poem to a wonderful friend called Gerardine Baugh, you all know her, she is a fantastic writer of Nature as well as poems, Gerardines stories of Nature are fascinating, she loses you in a kind of twilight zone, were all around is country life, animal activity and beauty. This poem reflects how Gerardine sees her "little world" and long may it continue.

for fascinating Nature stories, please visit Gerardine, she is now also including her own pictures and videos for our pleasure 

Do you love unspoilt land? do you live in the Country? have you ever come across an area you never saw before and was fascinated by the fact its unspolit?

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Carved out in stone
in a centralised place
you flash and smile at me
shaking and sweating
nervous and twitching
you know its gonna be.

Cowering around you
like a scared old man
tempting me with your lights
watching all the people
amassing behind me
looking out for heads wearing tights.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


The night went as well as expected
small branches brushed against the wooden windows
as if a small animal was scratching to get in
light winds blew whistling in a falsetto fashion
the clock ticked merrily in its encased antique wood
chiming every half hour just to remind us it was still there.

The house rattled as if it was being taken from its founds
lifted by a giant and placed back on the very spot it arose from
trickling drips of water landing in the sink like depth charges
making sure it was heard above all other sounds
like stereo effects in a surround sound system
on a wide screem movie feature.

Friday, 5 March 2010


Fridays are full of fun
over at Amy's place
also we join the Petersons
all in one loving space.

Friday is a time to write
about your family past
or maybe even the future
you know its gonna last.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


How can we make friends never seen
from a keyboard, internet , computer screen?
people we allow into our lives
someone's husband,  sisters, or wives!

Before we know them we learn to trust
let them in,  all or bust.
tell them things we would not do
in a strange place, outside, would you?

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


An old woman cried all through the night,
For she lost four sons in a bloody fight,
Their voices still heard, in a distant past,
Born so quickly, and died so fast.
Fought for freedom, a right to survive,
Worked so hard, to stay alive,
Born in tyranny, starving and meek,
Women and children, hungry and weak.
Clansmen cowering around for food,
The rest of his kin, gathering wood,
Mud huts leaking, raining hard,
Fires dying wood all charred.
Freedom distant, lives are lost,
Counting the sacrifices, mourning the loss,
One day they will sing, depression will lift,
Hoping that God will shower his gift.
Death shall be rewarded in a life of new,
The old woman sad, lonely and blue
Remembering her sons, who fought and tried,
To make life better, and live with pride.
Many more deaths, when will it end?
For rights and freedom, in which we depend,
will it come one day? it’s so far a dream,
Where reality rules, in the slow running stream.
The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak,
But death is reality, for the lowly and meek.
For our freedom they fought and died

our women are widows and so they cried.

Taking you back to the old Scottish Clan days, days were fighting was the only way to win freedom, freedom for your own rights in a Country Governed by the English at that particular time. The UK thank goodness is as it says United, but in those days it was not, and countless lives were lost for freedom.

Do you believe in Countries being United? or do you think they would be better off on their own?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Aye hen the bairn is oot
Caught his laddie full o soot
Ben the skullery wash yer nut
Efter yer dad has played his putt.

Yer sister kens the lassie Betty
Her mans iy oot and awfy sweaty
Eyes like peeholes in the snaw
The Polis came he shot the craw.

Monday, 1 March 2010


I worked hard all my life
was successful at my field
hard as a businessman
never did I yield.

Fifty years of slaving
building up my life
being lucky to have children
and a loving wife.