Saturday, 27 February 2010


On arrival it was dark
the house looked old and shaky
an old owl hooted in the night
the door knob was loose and flaky.

The stench of damp and decay was rife
it had not been alive in years
the feelings that engulfed both of us
became fraught with sadness and tears.

Friday, 26 February 2010


What has happened
who cares?
life is meaningless
night mares.

A little girl
innocent child
gets neglected
not even wild.

Parent wicked
shouldn't have kids
locks her cupboards
containers with lids.

House packed with food
but the kids not allowed
imagine their little tummies
rumbling so loud!

Starved to death
not allowed food
a lovely girl
proud she stood.

Why did this happen
was everyone blind?
were was the professionals
always behind!

the little girl was taken
out of school by her mum
why didn't the school wonder why?
because they were so dumb?

What's happening to this World
how can a parent kill her child
someone so innocent and lovely
passive, charmingly styled.

This has opened my eyes
what makes people so cruel
blood means nothing to them
disturbed,sadly a fool.

After watching the News today friends I was disgusted, it takes a lot for me to get riled but when I do I am VERY riled, a parent who shall remain nameless or go watch the BBC news online, starved her child which resulted in the girl dying from starvation? can u imagine doing that to your own child? Locking food cupboards so the kids couldnt eat? no way, we do make sure they eat properly, but in this case the little girl was deliberatley starved? I do not care what anyone says, but a Mother would protect her child to the death, animals do it, they know blood is thicker than water and will protect their young, but sadly not in this case....

What do YOU think about this? can you imagine letting YOUR child suffer like this??

Todays poem isnt a happy one, alas life isnt all roses and chocolates, we have to write about the bad as well as the good.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


What grows in this garden “O” mine?
Tulips, Daffodils, sprigs of thyme,
Hollyhocks, scented stock, colors of green,
Plants, flowers, annually seen,
leaves with droplets of rain weighed down
huge tree trunks with roots of brown
moths fluttering in the bright moonlight
bats asleep in caves all night.
Bee’s and butterflies hovering around.
Oblivious to humanity and every sound,
What beasts do pray in this forest of fun?
When darkness falls and the moon is bright?
Badgers, foxes, cats and mice.
Wander the vastness,seeking the light,
Plundering, raking, searching around,
looking for scraps before calling it a night,
In the morning light the flowers open wide.
The bee’s all buzz, in the active hive,
The garden so sweet in the heat of the day,
With the cloudless Blue sky, and the hottest sun ray,
It’s all a part of a wondrous sight,
natures finest, a botanical delight.

With all the bad weather we have had I thought we should get a break and a peek at what is to come in the Summer, heat, colour and sweet smells, mmm when I lived in Edinburgh I had a lovely Garden but where I live now it doesn't have one, but I can still enjoy the lovely gardens around me.

Do YOU like Gardening? whats your favourite flower? or shrub? I like sweet william hehe.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Boarding the bus you see lots of faces
tired and ashen Gray
parents with kids in tow going to school
starting a brand new day.
tossed about in a bumpy ride
tired before starting the day
some faces angry, fearful, desperate
amidst a drunken foray.
No one getting off, the bus gets full
people are standing in the aisles
looking around on this tired old bus
searching for anyone who smiles.
On it goes as well as it can
speed is never an issue
you hear the tinny noise of music
and sneezes into a tissue.
Humans plugged into various sounds
no one dares to speak
it may be a sign of nowadays
if anyone does their weak!
The journey progresses slowly
people get off en masse
no matter how much stature you have
everyone is equal in classes.
Pensioners board
the bus is full
you give up your seat
that's the rule!
On it goes slowly getting there 
the end is almost near
you can rely on public transport it seems
well yes except not here.

I wrote this after using the public transport the first for a very long time as I have a car.
Its amazing to watch the people on the bus, not a word spoken, young folks listenign to music thats supposed to be personal but everyone hears it, some angry looking characters trying to get to work, and some tired looking people wishing it was Sunday, Its strange to see the reactions, try observing them the next time YOU take the bus...

Do you use public transport? do u notice the things I have described? try watching next time u get on....

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Time for another visit to the gym
man just look at the body on him!
tall , toned, muscled and fit
churning out funnies, spurting out wit.

Here am I a cross between
a huge beached Whale off an ocean scene
puffing and panting,out of breath
if I go on that I will meet my death!

Starting up the rowing machine
mind is geared ,eager and keen
sailing away on the spot
this isn't so bad the pain is forgot.

Lifting some weights over my head
if I drop this on me I will be dead
feels like I'm holding a massive ton weight
life in my hands scared of my fate.

Time for the pressups on the floor
people watching me at the door
having a laugh while I turn Gray
having no energy to have my way.

Sweat pouring off me like a tap
calories burning right off the map
hope I feel better after this lot
I want the body he has got.

Stretching the muscles I knew I had
hoping that later I won't feel bad
eating crisps and chocs won't do
this is serious not even a few.

Off to the showers,pounds I have lost
not a care in the world or counting the cost
stop by McDonalds for a good feed
losing weight and keeping fit is pleasureable indeed.

HEHHEHE a bit fun today friends, people get sooooooo obsessed with the Gymn I just had to write a poem about it, some friends I know go a lot, while others either jog everyday or do some other physical workouts, now I am not knocking it, if you wanna be fit, good luck, its just some people go to extremes..

Are YOU a member of a Gym? Do you keep fit regularly? what exercises do you do?

Monday, 22 February 2010


Lets go down to the pub tonight
try not to argue or get in a fight
drink your beer ,raise a cheer
ogle the barmaid but do not leer.

Watch the tv ,play a game
look who's come in ,whats his name?
throw some arrows shoot at pool
Fancy a Brandy? thanks that's cool.

Want some scratchins crisps or nuts?
dodge the hot food if you have sore guts!
play the juke box sing a song
Frankie's coming she won't be long.

Get the beers in its your round
I wonder if Johns here has he been found?
the chalk is missing, need my cue
you won't get the blame, oh no not you.

The singer is up, wow she's good
whats that she's singing? can't remember dude?
am I seeing double, must be the beer
in walks Isobel glad she is here.

The barmaid collecting the glasses is cute
I wonder if she noticed I'm on her foot?
look over there its Fred and Gwen
she is having a look at the men!

some guys in the corner are singing a song
bet they get thrown out before very long
Gwen is flurting with him at the bar
poor guy doesn't know he won't get far.

The old guy playing dominoes there
is a whizz which nothing can compare
he sits there carefully playing his hand
as his wife dances along with the band

End of the night all are merry
as usual swaggering are Tom and Jerry
call a cab ,lets get food
Man what a night darn well good.

Isnt the local pub a Grand place to be, when the place is buzzin and all the characters all good pubs have are there in abundance lol I hope this poem gives u a small idea of what a British Pub can be like especially your local, once you know all the folks it can be the best place in the World to spend a night... CHEERS folks

Do YOU like going to your Local pub, what funny things can you tell me that has happened?

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Temperature rises
slowly by day
buds on trees
with winds do sway.

Bulbs peeping carefully
from thawing ground
scared to surface
from its earthen mound.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Explosions were cool
bombs blasting all
is how I remember
man I had a ball.

Tiny machines
flying on screen
fingers going rapidly
and boy was I keen.

Moving about sideways
as if I was there
hands all shaking
fingers threadbare.

Thousands of points
another spaceship blows
only one life left
that's how it goes.

Fingers blistered
You grip the device
Scared to let go of it
Gripped like a vice.

Plenty of fun
Watching aliens die
Explosions with deep bass
Spaceships to fry.

Notching up scores
At a powerful pace
Fun and excitement
As if in a race.

a game of its time
the simplest of fun
of an age of its prime..

Lol I know not everyone is as old as me heheh but I remember Space Invaders, before it came onto game stations for the well off, at the shows we used to have a go when I was a lad, the fun was amazing, as the above picture suggests it wasn't rocket science but it kept us amused for hours, it has like everything made a comeback and is as popular as ever, but way back then, u could only go on the video games machine to have a go.

What was your fav electronic game when you were a kid? did you get good scores?

Friday, 19 February 2010


I remember the days
of the family dinners
we would all gather round
and we were the winners.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


You capture my very soul
only in dreams I feel you
touching my body,
you envelope me in warmth
its almost a fantasy.
Your hair is like silk
soft, curly, flowing
with the scirroco wind
behind you.
What I miss is your tender touch
so soft it feels as if
you are stroking me 
from another dimension.
Before you went away
my life was full
and complete
you made the very structure
of my existence
you saturated me with love
and tenderness.
As I glance at your smiling face
on a picture deep beneath
my pillow surrounded
by your moreish scent.
you went away
never to return
my life is saddened
never to return
you went away.

The path of true love does not run smooth, awe, shame...LOL.

Are YOU in love? how do you feel?


Wednesday, 17 February 2010


The World is full of opinions
we all want to add our piece
so why do people act so mean
when does bigotry cease?

We all want to be honest
whats the point if we are not
we would all look like dummies
a nothing, something forgot.

Let go your hatred and self grief
it will only hurt YOU in the end
you lose all sense of normality
and yes sometimes lose a friend.

Dont be too quick to judge those 
people who may listen to YOU
but what they will not tolerate
is not allowing their point of view.

The World is a great place to be
if you are willing to come and go
friendships are based on honesty
not for you to throw.

It is sad when people are nasty
what do you come to the internet for?
do you want to air your bigotry
pull the plug on it we implore.

We all want to help you in your pain
if issues are getting you down
but you need to face the demons yourself
or sadly you will drown.

Put your pen down and give up the battle
the pain will never go away
you will be left to blabber on your own
for now and each new day.

Blogs are for sharing and making friends
not a stage for you to damn humanity
visitors will slowly dimminish
because your Blog's full of profanity.

I would rather hang my pen up
than deliberately upset anyone
we come here daily to share our work
to chat and have some fun.

To all you wonderful people
who make this community worthwhile
thank you for posting interesting things
you make the happy ones smile.

Sadly friends there are some Blogs out there who revel in self pity, they have the me me me syndrome a very difficult disease to cure, however they are outwieghed by the generous ,kind Bloggers we all have visited but they are there, be warned friends, you may stumble on one without realizing you have done so and beware of the harsh answer you get to your comments should you not agree with the poster. This sadly happened to me a few days ago when I visited a blog.
I will be much more careful in future I will scan the blog and look for tell tale signs of this before I commit.

Have YOU came across such blogs? what happened?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The skyline red
shepherd resting
not a sound except the bleating of
a lamb lost from its Mother
carefully manoevering between Rams
as to not upset them
getting anxious
feeling lost
looking for his comfort
needing to be nurtured
eyes watery bleating louder
still walking.
Yearning now for his Kin
searching, looking 
for familiarity
amongst a plethera
of similar Brothers and sisters
no comfort, no solice
directed by the red sky
finally found
ewe bleating
lamb bleating
message understood
content and relaxed
suckled into mum
content and happy
under the red sky
sleeping now.

Reminds me of a time when I was a young boy, my sisters friend took us to the park in the Centre of Town and I got lost lol, floated about the park looking for familiarity, found solice in a Policeman and was taken home eventually, lol, so I know how this particular lamb felt..

Did anything similar ever happen to YOU? what was your most frightening experience...?

Monday, 15 February 2010


I remember the times when I was a lad
we took trips with our mum and dad
in those days when money was scarce
family trips were all that we had.

It wasn't a trip on an aeroplane
or a visit to sunnier climes
in days gone by you were just as happy
staying local and having good times.

Trips to the zoo to see the animals
were a highlight on many a day
big sis and her friend would take us there
to admire the animals and play.

A trip to the movies to see a film
was amazing to many a child
watching a film on a giant screen
would drive me and my brother wild.

A walk to the beach with mum and dad
in summer was an exciting thrill
and if the shows were visiting then
it was enough to give us a chill.

A ride on the waltzers, or on the bikes
was marvelous and a buzz you admired
and in those hot balmy summer days
you never ever got tired.

Those were the days when excitement was rife
when family meant a lot
kids would be happy with everything they had
not what mum and dad had bought.

Money was tight but we made a life
which was rewarding in many a way
you could make your time constructive
not playing video games all day.

Fresh air was the making of us
never an illness or disease had we
and the best thing all about it
was fresh air was always free.

When we were younger we never had GAME CONSOLES, the only entertainment we got was either playing outside, listening to records lol not cd's and if you were REALLY bored watching TV.In those days we had rarely an illness and even if we did it never lasted long because we wanted out again.

What was YOUR entertainment when you were young? what games did you play outside?
or perhaps you just liked to stay in? nothing wrong with that but you wouldn't have had any video games to keep you in (not saying everyone is as old as me lol) do yo agree kids today are zombified with staying in playing computer games, never getting out except for school? would love to hear from you.

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Waves batter the shoreline stones
they are polished to a fine degree
no power or fuel needed for this task
just Mother nature and the sea.

The power within Earth itself
is more awesome  than man made things
we cannot control the force of our planet
nor control how a bird fly s or sings.

From olden times men tried to control
the way our Earth reacted
but even in this new millenium we are in
only man could watch close and interacted.

The Egyptians were the most advanced
far ahead of their time and education
the greatest of buildings still stand today
void of asbestos and harmful radiation!

But what have we learned from millions of years
when man wasn't in charge of this world
Animals dominated in fierce competition
and territories soon unfurled.

Cars spewing out oxides, choking gases
poisonous to Earth and humanity
factories with pollution, dumping waste
adds to all this insanity.

Trees still being felled for ornament or paper
chasing the wildlife away
Countries with shorelines melting down
the sea taking over each day.

As we get older and learn to appreciate
we wonder what will happen to us then
will we survive as this planet deteriorates
or will it crumble? and when?

Generations need to work hard
to recycle and repair
as we witness many disasters
that happen frequently not rare.

Many scriptures tried to seal our fate
predictions were almost found true
but who can make a difference?
we all know the answer... IT''S YOU.

Many people are recycling, making a difference to our only World, but there still needs to be a lot of work done and fast, to prevent the decay of our Precious Earth, if we do not do it, what will be left for Generations to come?

What do YOU do for the Planets cause, they say walking to the shops instead of taking your car reduces the amount of pollution going into the atmosphere, turning your engine off whilst in parked position helps, the list goes on and on...

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Boat drifting
on dead calm river
windless, so still
peacefully looking inviting
as if one could walk over
and still remain afloat
like leaves running down drains
when rain falls.

Pieces of driftwood
lie still in harmony
whilst soft bubbles
rise to the surface
from a sea creature
who has lost its way from its group
drifting in from another world
another time.

Deep blue sky with large
separated puffs of clouds
dispersing as if God himself
was blowing on them in a playful mood
creating a clear sky once more.
River remains unmoved
as if in a giant basin
lying undisturbed.

Friends, this is my very FIRST attempt at free flow poetry, my imagination runs wild, sometimes creating blocks of sentences which I record and try to make sense out of, I think we all know what this poem is about, one word.."serenity" thanks for reading friends, hope you like it :)

Friday, 12 February 2010


Do you know my love is true
fragile compromises one can pursue
You are more lovlier in blackened wear,
it makes me trance like, a spell unfair.

Golden blonde curls on a heavenly head
shapely body statuesque, well read
angelic smile beaming in rapture
lasting so long to be able to capture.

Sweetest of kissess lingering long
caress my emotions it's here I belong
safety in arms protection encased
frozen in time were romance is based.

Warmth glowing excitement feelings of love
butterflies, flowers, a flying white dove
lucky I'm here with you by my side
beauty surrounding my infalllable pride

Ageless devotion happiness is here
cocooned with a purpose feelings are clear
endless dreams are safe and sound
with you in this world paradise I've found.