Sunday, 31 January 2010


Arthur Seat Edinburgh

It lies at the Centre of Edinburgh
a spectacular mass of beauty
originally a much alive Volcano
carved in areas of ingenuity.

Arthurs seat this volcano was named
as the Kings seat was carved in the land
tourists pour in by the dozen
snapping this landscape so grand.

When you climb to the top as I have
you will see a glorious sight
Edinburgh the City is dynamic
even more gracious by night.

The lochs at the seat are beautiful
birds spend a lifetime there
at one point there used to be sheep
grazing rich grass growing fair.

This great structure gave Edinburgh its shape
six hundred and fifty acres of land
in the distance there is music
coming from the Castles pipe band.

This is a must for all you travellers
the beauty is too grand to miss
rich in architecture and lovely people
Scotland is too beautiful to dismiss.

So if you ever want to travel
Scotland is a must
it will take you a while to consume
and for the lingo to adjust.

Scotland will always be my home
no matter where I go
once you see this gorgeous country
your love for it will flow.
a view of the City from Arthur's Seat

I was asked by a friend on twitter @walkscotland to write a poem about Arthurs seat well here we are, the pictures are of Arthurs seat in Edinburgh my home Town born and bred, honestly folks its beautiful, a City worth visiting so if you have plans to travel, go to Scotland you will enrich yourself with beauty and culture, as well as History.

Have YOU ever been to Scotland? if so what did you enjoy? would you go? what is your favourite holiday destination?

Saturday, 30 January 2010


My first attempt at a song a few years back :)

If sadness was a name then it would be mine
tears flow from my eyes all the time
my sorrow is deep
as I sit here and weep
if sadness was a name then it would be mine.

If the clouds fell from the sky
there would be nothing stopping me fly
I would come home to you
and then wouldn't be blue
if sadness was a name then it would be mine.


Sadness is my friend
on your life I do depend
I need you by my side
like the shore needs the tide
if sadness was a name it would be mine!

If heaven closed it's doors I'd give you a key
to be closer to heaven and me
angels would watch out for you
guided by love through and through
if sadness was a name then it would be mine.

If together we are to be then that’s fine
holding hands in the sunlight your mine
pulling at the grass
with my bonnie lass
if sadness was a name then it would be mine.


Sadness is my friend
on your life I do depend
I need you by my side
like the shore needs the tide
if sadness was a name it would be mine!

If the dawning of a day would never appear
I wouldn't care as long as you are here
I want you by my side
to be my loving bride.
if sadness was a name then it would be mine.

If the sun eclipsed today the moon would show
but desite this or anything else we would grow
our love would be one
we would still have fun
if sadness was a name it would be mine.


Sadness is my friend
on your life I do depend
I need you by my side
like the shore needs the tide
if sadness was a name it would be mine!

repeat and fade :)

Sadness is my friend
on your life I do depend
I need you by my side
like the shore needs the tide
if sadness was a name it would be mine!

This was my first attempt at writing a song, no music lol but just imagine it to something...

What is YOUR favourite song or piece of music, maybe you met your partner? maybe it reminds you of your teenage, we all have favourite songs...

Friday, 29 January 2010


Picture was taken at Bliar Gowrie in Scotland when I was on Holiday 2 Years ago..

Bright coloured Daffodils
in golden fields,
Watching the farmer
gather his yields.

Butterflies flying,
circling around
no sign of pollution,
hardly a sound,

Thursday, 28 January 2010


I have met so many friends
who mean the World to me
writing is their passion
for all the World to see.

The first I met was Gerardine
who writes about Nature and life
her witing is so superbly done
a must to escape from strife.

Then I met the intelligent Jingle
passionate about everything she writes
interacting with all her readers
spending countless hours and nights.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


The moon hovers
in the clear Black sky
stars glistening
naked to the eye.

Planets visible
millions of miles away
orbiting each other
as if they were at play.

Wonders of excitement
could they be out there?
a vast solar system
so huge you can but stare.

Do you think we are alone
in this vast Galaxy of ours?
or do beings site and watch
in their gigantic glass towers.

We read of visits to our Planet
but there is no concrete proof
trying to sort the fake from the silly
capturing "saucers" from a roof!

Too many sightings are verified
explained to keep us amused
will we ever get the truth?
or will everything be excused?

I keep an open mind
perhaps it may be true
are we alone in this Universe?
my friends its up to YOU.

I like to think we are "not alone" in the vast array of the Galaxy, but are we? do you think there is life on other Planets? Have you sen or experienced anything terrestrial? Or do u know someone who has?

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


If it wasn't for our eyes
we would no longer see
If it wasn't for our birth
we could not ever be.

If it wasn't for our Soldiers
who would defend our land?
if it wasn't for helping
who would lend a hand?

If it wasn't for hope
whats the point of living
if it wasn't for all charities
then whats the point of giving?

If it wasn't for the moon
our nights would be so dark
if it wasnt for greenery
our kids would have no park!

If it wasn't for medicines
people would just die
if it wasnt for aeroplanes
man wouldn't be able to fly.

If it wasn't for the sun
we would have even less to eat
if it wasn't for friendships
we would have no one to meet.

If it wasn't for love
hatred would rule this day
if it wasn't for democracy
no one would have a say.

If it wasn't for War
peace could covet all land
if it wasn't for flavours
our taste buds would be bland.

If it wasn't for poverty
the rich could keep their money
if it wasn't for the bees
there would be no honey.

If it wasn't for the flowers
our lives would be gray
if it wasn't for technology
how would we fill our day?

If it wasn't for freedom
we would all be locked away
if it wasn't for religion
the devil would have his own way.

If it wasn't for animals
could we really survive?
if it wasn't for companionship
would we want to be alive?

If it wasn't for creativeness
then History would be a waste
if it wasn't for our pallette
how are we supposed to taste?

And the winner is.... DRUM ROLL

Paul Andrew Russell brilliant addition, thanks Paul.

If it wasn't for others

We'd all feel so alone
If it wasn't for mother earth
We wouldn't have a home.

There is a lot to think about, If is a magical word used in so many contexts, if I had done this, then that would not have happened? what if? and so on, this poem describes what the alternatives would mean if we did not have the above options or things in our lives, naturally this is only my view and examples have been used...

Can you write a part for me to add to this poem 4 lines the same as I have done in your comments? I will post the best one when ALL entries are in..have fun..

1.If it wasn't for.......
3.if it wasn't for.......

Monday, 25 January 2010


In 1912 disaster struck
to a vessel they said was unsinkable
a ship designed to stand up to anything
to go down would seem unthinkable.

The ship was grand, people were keen
to sail in this majestic beauty
tickets flew hot from the port office
and all staff were called to duty.

The designer made a few drastic changes
he insisted elegance came before life
giant staircases lined with the portside
which had cut deeper than a knife.

Steel plates were attached by hand
as machines couldnt get to some parts
making spots of the ship vulnerable
which went unnoticed on the charts.

The ship was grand, the clientelle were rich
the poor were crowded below
class was important at the start of the century
lower classess had no room to grow.

The lifeboats were cut just sixteen were aboard
for over two thousand customers and crew
women and children were priority then
even though men did get through.

Some crew from the other ship
were laid off their service not required
one of them went off with a key
to a cabinet holding all they desired.

The Captian had no drills it seems
so the crew were unable to cope
judging by the historic events
they did not have a hope.

The Iceberg responsible for the disaster
was floating closer to their ship
even although many warnings were given
the ship had to fulfill its trip.

The Captian wanted to go faster
even though the warnings were clear
he was of an attitude everything was fine
no one had anything to fear.

It seemed for a while the coast was clear
the iceberg was changing direction
the captian thought he was navigating away
beyond the icebergs infection.

Because of the lack of experience
the crew did not know what to do
once the disaster struck for real
all their nightmares came true.

one thousand five hundred people lost their lives
on that fateful freezing night
the water was 50 degrees below
many died with fright.

A mighty ship called unsinkable
lost its will to live
and just because they never took care
or any thought did give.

Mother nature knows no bounds
she wins almost all the time
for the people who designed this ship
I believe they committed a crime.

98 years ago, the ship they said was unsinkable, did indeed sink, too many people had played their part in the downfall of this ship which lost so many innocent lives, shortcuts, lack of drills, not enough lifeboats, it was a disaster waiting to happen and indeed it did.

This poem is to commemorate the 1500 lives lost in this disaster which could have easily been avoided...

What disasters do YOU remember and are they still vivid in your mind?

Sunday, 24 January 2010


What can we learn
about our youth of today
is it not in our interest
to have our say?

Children so young carrying knives
some as young as eight
needing protection from their peers
terrified of their fate.

Who instigates the hatred they have?
towards their fellow man
its not because of colour or race
thats not were it began.

Peer pressure builds so easily
among our vulnerable youth
running in gangs, scared of no one
hiding from the truth.

Drinking booze "shooting up"
nothing better to do
hanging around the shopping malls
waiting to terrorize YOU.

We read in the papers daily
another kid dies by the knife
seventeen years old with a baby
and leaving behind a wife.

What is the outcome of this?
does it stop them doing more?
they think about it for a moment
then head on out the door.

A life for a life, eye for an eye
is the only way they can move on
going around in vicious circles
from midnight until dawn.

Unemployment and boredom are factors
everything has been taken away
nothing to do but hang around
in gangs to "fight" all day.

Governments need to take note
the youth of today is a mess
try supporting and giving them notice
then the dead may become even less.

Do you know where your child is?
while your tucked up safe at home
can you sit back and ignore this?
and allow your kids to roam?

What hope does the next generation have
if this one cannot live in peace
they will learn from their parents
that fighting shall never cease!

Everyday these days you see gangs of kids hanging around shops, some never at school, some are but hang around at night,what do they have to do? no jobs, no facilities, so they are left to their own vices, daily we read about kids being shot, or knifed in our streets we saw awe, but we shrug it off and move on, well its time we realized the seriousness of the situation....

Are there any gangs hanging around YOUR area? are u scared of them? do you feel something should be done for our kids? maye YOU were a gang member yourself, love to hear from you.

Saturday, 23 January 2010


I tried to be the best wife I could
but it wasn't enough for you
determined to anger me, make me sad
so my love can never be true.

Deliberatley you goaded me till I cried
starting arguments to make me give in
the mental torture cut deep inside
gnawing at me from within.

Thirty five years of marriage I gave you
chucked away like a used handkerchief
no councelling or help to decide our fate
just YOU getting justice and relief.

You traded me in for someone else
never taking my feelings into account
worked hard all our marraige for you and the kids
no matter how hard or the amount.

So go have your life, be with that girl
leave me alone to survive
don't worry about me be happy yourself
I'll be fine on my own, Im alive!

Struggling to live, scared on my own,
rejection is hard to bare
a man you loved for forty years
has gone, life is not fair.

Kids all gone, lives of their own
I am left to dwindle away
not going out, no friends to see
living this life day by day.

It's hard to forget so many years
most of them happy, not sad
so its questionable why this happened to me
in a previous life was I bad?

Months have passed ,things moving on
starting to get back my life
going shopping. eating out
in my new role as single not as wife!

Happy now on my own, I reflect back then
when It nearly ended taking my life
but time is a great healer so they say
especially for me an abandoned wife.

Its very sad when this happens to people who have been married for a significant number of years, imagine how YOU would feel being told from YOUR Husband or Wife that they were leaving you, they had found someone else, I suppose you would be devastated, this poem is fiction but it does happen in real life, this poem is told from the WIFES point of view although it can happen the other way around....

Do you know anyone this has happened to?, did they get over it? please record your opinions here.

Friday, 22 January 2010


When love turns sour
it can tear you apart
make life complicated
break your heart

Reminisce of the good times
forgetting the bad
looking over your old snapshots
of the fun you once had.

Hand in hand on the beach
sharing a meal
fighting over an orange
you struggled to peel!

Cuddling up at nightime
watching the TV
that was our life
how it was destined to be

But things went wrong
we started to fight
mostly during the day
sometimes at night.

Jealousy took its toll
you flurted around
just to make me angry
entirely unfound.

Then we slept seperately
and grunted "good day"
then finally it ended
we had nothing to say.

So I did the right thing
left you behind
but deep down I love ya
hiding feelings I find!

We both moved on
you found a new man
happier it seems
doing all that you can.

I wonder how long
it will last this time
till the rot sets in
when your in your "prime"?

However long it lasts
I wish you well
from the bottom of my heart
I hope you can tell.

Settled with a new partner
whom I love and adore
who kisses my cheek
when she walks out the door.

This has happened to us all, it makes you very sad, it takes a long time to get back to "normal" but we do survive and eventually move on or do we?

Who was YOUR first love and how did you break up? did you go on to find happiness?

Thursday, 21 January 2010


I look at your face
pale and gray
you were alright before
but not today?

The sun didn't shine
as it did before
you were cold and dark
walking out that door!

We did not fight
as I recall
you slept in my arms
coming home from the mall.

You were quietly resigned
walking hand in hand
till we got to the house
help me understand!

What goes through your mind?
when you stare into space
at least let me in
if this is the case

Your eyes tell a story
lost in your head
fear is behind them
when you come to bed!

Whatever troubles you
I need to know
theres no time for guesswork
or perhaps I will go.

Is it because of the baby?
don't you love our child?
you used to be spontanious
romantically wild.

But now you cry for ages
and cannot cope by day
I listen to the Mothers
and all they have to say.

It is normal to feel low
after the trauma you have had
giving birth to our son wasn't easy
in fact your time was bad.

But that was seven months ago
and still you freak out at him
your patience at an all time low
life is looking grim.

We need to see a Doctor
you cannot go on like this
I cannot even come near you
let alone give you a kiss!

Darling you know I love you
this is a partnership afterall
but to see you in this state of mind
with you heading for a fall.

With patience and consideration
we will get through this quick
councillors helping as well as the doc
will hopefully do the trick.

Here we are five months passed
you are bouncing and full of health
our son is thriving and so are we
worth more to me than any amount of wealth.

Post natal depression happens to millions of women Worldwide, its a state that makes all around hell for everyone, talking from personal experience it can make or break a relationship, thankfully I was patient but some guys cannot cope, thats when the Professionals come in handy.

Did you, or anyone you know suffer from post natal depression? if so how long did you have it? was your partner supportive and did it put you off having more kids?

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Told from a Mothers point of view.

Why do you look so pale today?
yesterday you were glowing
looking so sad sitting there
uncaring and not knowing.

Its as if you were a million miles away
nothing arround you matters
your life is torn, sorrowful, sad
amidst you all is in tatters.

What turned this boy into a raging soul?
fighting with ones he adores
did someone treat you badly before
were did you get those sores?

Your arm is bruised red in color
trying to hide it from all around
you sit there quiet in your own cold world
hardly making a sound.

Scratches so deep nearly hitting a vein
but not quite reaching the goal
done in privacy so no one knows
burrowing down like a little mole.

Why do you do this? whats wrong with you?
can't you discuss this with me right now?
I promise to listen and to be calm
I give you my solemn vow.

If I cannot help you lets see someone
who can advise or show you the way
you cannot continue to be this sad
just now or any other day.

Three months ago you were a lively lad
hardly a care in the world
now this torture has entered your body
this terror has quickly unfurled.

Talk with me now, tell me whats wrong
I cannot guess the way you feel
I try to be here for you day and night
my love for you is real.

Maybe in time you can get better
we will fight this thing together
through councillors or doctors if need be
we will get through this bad weather.

Enough said, it happens, the stats are on the graphic, we need to act to stop children from self harming and find out why, its an epidemic....

picture courtesy of google and does not represent the child in this poem.

Have you heard of any kids who self harm? did you know of anyone who has gone through this with their child? would love to hear from you..

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


She lay in bed crying, tears flowing free
I awoke and saw her fear
Why did this happen to me she said
Whilst wiping a flowing tear.

She caressed her breast with passion
Fondling every inch
Tears flooding her body
Asking me to pinch.

I asked her why fear in tow
She turned to me in fright
You have to see this lump I have
Turn on the bedroom light.

The fear got worse upon her face
So tragic at this age
I sat her up and held her tight
In a blinding nervous rage.

To hospital we would go
Tests with full of pain
Sunshine gone darkness falls
Pouring with the rain.

The doctor came his face so sullen
My dearest knew the score
Silence rife in the waiting room
She couldn’t take anymore.

The doctor took me to the side
Desperation in his face
I am afraid your wife has cancer
My sorrow stayed in place.

An operation she will need
To save her very life.
My dearest loving wife.

Six months on she has been cleared
Our lives are normal once more
Recovered full of life again
God spared my darling Delore.

To those who suffer in silence
seek help right away
check yourself thouroughly
it could be YOU one day.

Checks are essential to fight this dread
no one can do it but you
the heartache and the misery
is real and can accrue.

A few years back when I was married my ex wife felt a lump on her breast, she had not long given birth to my daughter, she was petrified as all women would be finding a lump anywhere but especially on the chest, we made an appointment right aqway, she undergone tests and lucky for us the lump was a cyst which was removed by medication.The trauma and fear she went through was real and it also affected me because this happenign so soon after her giving birth gave off all sorts of alarm, this poem does not relate to her, but can and wil relate to millions of women worldwide who have went through the terror of this and alas the news was not good.

Do you know anyone who has gone through this ordeal? what was the outcome? it also affects the guys so let me know how you felt...