Friday, 17 December 2010


Cold icy winds batter your face
as you walk along the road
pavements like glass, deadly under foot
as you battle to lighten the load.

Panic buyers rush, to buy essentials
no care for sick or lame
badly organized councils,look to the sky
looking for someone to blame.

Unsalted roads, inches thick
cars abandoned, broken down
trapped on motorways miles long
wondering what went wrong.

Year in, year out
the Weather is always the same
and yet we face catastrophe
no one will take the blame.

Where does all the revenue go?
we pay in annual taxes?
Organization is a must
before anyone relaxes.

We had been warned of Global warming
it was mentioned Years ago
so this comes as no surprise to us
as gases thrive and grow.

Every year without fail Britian comes to a standstill when it snows, year after year we are hit hard and yet we still have no organization, workplaces are hit due to staff unable to get to work, public transport stops, air and rail networks are hit, and we never get it right.People are trapped in mile long queues on motorways every time we have snow, its a joke.

Is your Country better Organized than the UK when it comes to winter?

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